• Kyle commented on the post, swan 6 years, 11 months ago

    “Oh crap! Oh crap of crap oh crap!” I exclaimed, standing in the front of my friend’s SUV, hopping in circles around the abomination that lay before us…a roadkill swan. My friend, Roger, had just run over a […]

  • Kyle commented on the post, sunglasses 6 years, 11 months ago

    Great. $200 sunglasses that were gifted to me by my rich uncle, and now there was a deep-cut scratch right across the front of the left lens. “It doesn’t seem to be THAT noticeable,” said Archie. The Hell it […]

  • Kyle commented on the post, heartache 6 years, 11 months ago

    His heartache was too large to describe…once his homemade peanut butter and jelly sandwich had fallen into the gutter. For you see, he made that sandwich on his own, and it was the number one thing that he […]

  • Kyle commented on the post, drifting 6 years, 12 months ago

    Drifting through space. Not as scary as some people would think, once you get past the whole, “I’m never going to be found again” thing. It’s really peaceful out here, if not a little chilly, but I really don’t […]

  • Kyle commented on the post, brunch 7 years ago

    An afternoon brunch with Mrs. McLaughlin, the old 96 year-old lady down the street. As she sipped her Earl Grey tea, she relished the moment, as she knew that she was due to be gone anyway. It was the least that […]

  • Kyle commented on the post, demonstration 7 years ago

    Jim Avery, the fireman, doused the cooking pan in lighter fluid and tossed in a match, the red flames roaring into the air and touching the ceiling of the classroom. Time to teach the kids in home economics on […]

  • Kyle commented on the post, professional 7 years ago

    He took aim at the target, the crosshaires resting on the top of his head. The target, a wealthy land owner, coughed into his hankerchief, sick and cold in the rain. But the sniper took no notice of it. He was […]

  • Kyle commented on the post, town 7 years ago

    The beast roared as it trampled through the town, billowing blue flames from its open mouth, scourging the rooftops of the wooden buildings. Standing at 500 feet, the gigantic lizard marched on, stomping on the […]

  • Kyle commented on the post, sweat 7 years ago

    The finish line was so close, Roger could taste it…or that was just the sweat dripping off of his forehead. He was the last one there, but it was definitely going to be the most accomplishing thing he had ever […]

  • Kyle commented on the post, weave 7 years ago

    Basket weaving. John’s least favorite subject, but he needed the credit. His fingers were like sausages, constantly getting stuck between the reeds and scraping against the straw, which would cringe and break. […]

  • Kyle commented on the post, lantern 7 years ago

    The old man, dressed in his gray cloak, stumbled through the black forest, holding his lantern high, the orange glow only penetrating the vacuum of darkness 5 feet ahead. He didn’t know where he was, but his […]

  • Kyle commented on the post, flirt 7 years, 1 month ago

    He could barely see, but he could tell that she was pretty, he just knew it. Kenneth, at the other end of the food court smiled at this mystery woman, waved back at him in acknowledgement. He winked at her, and […]