• Wafer thin mint? Hunger consumes you until all consumption
    causes pain. No more can enter the mouth of heaven while your
    stomach sits full waiting for the time. We all wait for

  • Someday I want a husband who will always stand beside me. I want someone to love me completely and without boundaries. I want someone who I am not afraid to be me around and someone I can trust with every thing… but for now, I have you.

  • I know its over yet I think about it still. I think about how it felt to know you were mine and I still wish you were. I still think about what it felt like with your lips on mine. I still think about you smiling at me from across the room. I still think […]

  • You stand there divided. Should you risk hurting me for loving me or should you play it safe as nothing more? This division grows inside you until one day it will swallow you whole and it will be too late. Your decision will have been made up for you.

  • Just a deer in the headlights. I see you coming but I stand frozen in fear. It’s all going in slow motion and I wonder, “Should I run?” But then before I can think of an answer, you hit me head on. And suddenly I think to myself as my life fades away, “I should […]

  • Can you repeat that please? Did you really just call me that? After everything I have done for you, you turn around and say something about me. You are not worth the effort. You know that? So you know what, don’t even bother repeating yourself. You don’t deserve a second more of my time.

  • I’ve spent the past year searching for some sort of answer to the questions I have. I looked everywhere and asked everything. While on this quest, I learned more about myself than I did about anything else. Life is just one big discovery, learning something new about yourself, about someone else, about the world. And […]

  • We all want answers. Answers to our prayers, answers to our questions, but we never seem to get them. We ask and ask over and over again, hoping someone will eventually know the answer, but they don’t. We spend our lives wanting someone to answer our questions. But no one seems to know how. Maybe, […]

  • You take every thing for granted. Like it is all just given to you with no expectations. You are an entitled piece of garbage who doesn’t know what its like to not have what you want, not have what you need. Yet you expect me to follow your command, like the idea that everyone will […]

  • Love and lust are two different things. Get that through your thick skull.

  • He’s failed me. He’s made me out for a fool. I lay out my heart, I show him everything that lay inside me and he pretended to care. He failed me, or more like I failed myself by believing in someone who would just turn away from me.

  • History. How much I hate that word. You tell me we can’t be anything more because of my history. You are scared to hurt me. You are scared that I have been through too much pain that if you were to do anything wrong, you would crush me and you can’t handle that on your […]

  • My feelings for you are so intense. So overwhelming. I see you and my heart starts skipping beats. My mind starts to flutter. I get short of breath. And the room seems to disappear as if you are the only thing I can see, the only thing that exists. My feelings for you are so […]

  • Every time I get scared I go back to how it felt to be held in your arms. I go back to my body on yours and I feel safe again. Every time I am about to cry, I imagine myself laying in your arms, protected and safe from the world.

  • I used to believe in the world. In people. I used to wake up and wonder what could happen next. I used to wake up excited for the day, after all it was another adventure I had yet to take. I used to smile and laugh. I used to be happy when I believed everything […]

  • I spend my days thinking of you, I spent my nights dreaming of you. I wonder if you ever even think of me? Do I ever cross your mind or take over your dreams? Do I ever consume your day and distract you from what you are doing? I wonder if you ever think about […]

  • You smile. You look at me and show me your beautiful teeth and smile. I come over and tell a joke and you laugh, your smile grows and before I know it, its all I can look at. You are beautiful and as long as you keep smiling, you will always have my heart.

  • She sat there at the station, waiting for her love to come back from his tour. She sat there watching the trains pass her by. “Today would have been the day,” she said. “Today would have been the day he came home.” But no, he gave his life fighting for the freedom of his country, […]

  • I felt so safe in your embrace. I felt so warm, so comfortable. I felt so loved and appreciated. Then you left. You left me there in the cold. Yet every time I look at you, you smile, reminding me of how amazing your embrace felt, reminding me that I will never feel it again.

  • Why do I love you so much? Is it because you run ahead to open the door? Is it the way I am always laughing when I am near you? Is it the way you give me butterflies when you walk in the room? Is it the way your skin feels on mine? Why do […]