• “they’ll stumble into the pep rally – they’ll have no idea what’s coming next.”

    “Christina, we can’t have the cheerleaders rip off their shirts! The principal will NEVER let that one slide.”
    “Are you kidding? He’ll be the first one in line to see it!”

  • Every mistake, everything that goes slightly awry feels like just the leverage she might need to move this all against us. Every time I hold my breath waiting for the shoe to drop.

  • he guided me around the puddle as we began the small trek back to from the cave. “I really want us to have the same last name,” he said. And I blushed, excited and ready to jump out of my skin. “At this point […]

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    sometimes the days are like walking on pins and needles….I’m waiting, holding my breath to see what happens. the anxiety, the stress of what will happen next. it can all melt away with a glance or a touch – […]

  • every morning when we have to go in separate directions, every time we have to stop what we’re doing and give attention to something or someone else…it’s ridiculous how bad it is. functioning in normal life? […]

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    my mind feels like a mirror maze….an idea, a child, a comment – 3 at one time send me bouncing back and forth like the light of the reflections, constantly stuck in the middle with little progress to the outside.

  • “what’s up chief,” the guy says as he walks by to fill up his seemingly endless coffee mug. “fuck off, dude,” is the only thing I have in my head. do I really have to do this again today?

  • the cala lillies are brown and curled now but even in that state they bring a chill back to my spine at a glance. that first look at you in your suit and tie on that morning took my breath away…

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    the oil in her hair showed how little they actually paid attention….gosh, what had it been? maybe 2 or 3 days since a shower? maybe not….it was probably just lack of knowing. why bother to teach when you never intend to give her any opportunity to have a productive life.

  • a dozen roses, a dozen donuts, a dozen rooms in the house – a dozen things on the to do list. Maybe this is the perfect years for dozens? Twelve months, twelve goals…..it might just work.

  • “It’s in the trunk,” was the first thing that popped in my head as I rounded the corner and saw the intricately carved Ganesha in front of me. It was beautiful and it made the hairs on my arms stand up.

  • on the last day of vacation, it’s hard to turn a glimmer of anxiety back into a glimmer of hope. all the time that we spend doing things that we don’t really want to is coming back in. this time I’m hoping I can actually say that I’m okay with it – even when I […]

  • on separate ends of the conversation as the tension builds we each have a final thing to say.

    “punk ass”
    “punk shit”

    and the bridge has been built.

  • I love the every day but when I start to think about getting away from it all I sometimes feel like I’m suddenly stranded in the middle of the desert, desperate for some refreshment.

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    I’m no deaf – I can hear you just fine. Whether it be in text, out loud or out of the corner of your eye I hear the disdain and misery that fills your life. Keep it to yourself. Don’t poison my atmosphere.

  • If you listen close you can hear them. Catch them out of the corner of your eye – swooping, diving. They’re beautiful. Grandpa’s gliding over the house. The air is warm and there’s the glow of a bonfire behind me. It’s that time of year – the bats are back.

  • my mind can wander to horrible places, the day can turn sideways and try to throw me off the earth but no matter what happens in the hours we have to be apart, coming home to you returns things to normal.

  • we deserve this more than anything….and we grab it and take it by the horns and love it everyday. it’s the superawesome and it’s just what we do. no one can take that away from us.

  • she slouches when she walks and she’s passed it on to her son. an unwitting but obvious image of lazy and apathetic. slouching and shuffling through life in sweatpants and worn down ugh knock offs….don’t you ever want to do anything better, BE anything better? shame on you for giving your child that legacy.

  • anywhere you turn, whatever road you travel or what your next adventure entails – I’ll be there beside you forever and ever now.

    and not in some weird, stalker sort of way either.