• She was raised to be a nice child. Seen, not heard. Polite and adorable at the same time. She was raised to not have “fun”, to look out for others instead, to hold back. She was sick of it. Still, there was no […]

  • There is no such thing as an impossibility to us. You have to understand, we are the dreamers, children of the earth. We do not think, we DO. We enjoy. We live. This is all part of our exciting journey, it’s like […]

  • I ran my fingers across the leather binding. It was warmer than I had thought. It felt nice, alive, nearly. I could almost hear the book breathing, whispering. I closed my eyes for a moment, then put it back into […]

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    a haiku about “flex”

    no you can’t make me
    i won’t write about this word
    no just go away

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    Did she think this was even half as easy for me as it was for her? It ripped my heart and soul out just to think of it. And still. I had to go through with this, there was no other way. Or I would live the rest of […]

  • Getting out of my comfort zone
    That was what I had to do now
    Though it wasn’t easy, hell no
    Years of stableness had me wrapped up in their warmth
    But now I wanted things to change
    I needed things to […]

  • I could not wrap my mind around it. This concept of living, of LIFE was beyond me. He tried to explain it, oh yes he did. In hours and hours of long talks. He had changed and I hadn’t. His life had changed, his […]

  • She had enough of thinking about how to behave, of following rules. The thought of countless rebellous young women in films or books, the cliché she embodied now, made her flinch. Still, there was no way she could […]

  • There were three of them. Three small glass bottles, shimmering in the dim light of a few candles. There was no way anyone could have known which was the real one, they all looked alike. Plain glass, unstained – a […]

  • In one split of a second, it was like he had punctured the nice bubble she had built up around her. With one word, one glance, everything burst. And it came crashing down on her, oh yes. All the feelings she had […]

  • He was sitting in his office, tired. Tired of life, of the day and the night, of all the people around them – those that greeted him with a fake smile, those that looked up to him and those that looked down to […]

  • So that’s how he saw it. It said so much about him, really, about how much he cared or rather didn’t. This statement, put just at the end of it all, in small letters, in a very “by the way” kind of tone. This […]

  • It was just a simple statement. Small, quiet, very matter-of-fact. But it unravelled her whole world in seconds. Before she could even turn her face away from them, the tears came.

  • Oh wow. I didn’t even know that word so I had to close the window and look it up and then come back to write about it. Now knowing what it means I actually have to say I don’t have any thoughts on that whatsoever. […]

  • Her teeth dug into the white, thick icing. It was the first thing she had eaten in weeks, it felt like an eternity. And this was her reward. Her reward for waiting, for staying strong. She had looked foward to […]

  • I could not but think about this idea that was stuck in my head. He could not be. It just couldn’t be. Still, there were no other suspects. I couldn’t lie to myself – everything was pointing towards this man. […]