• “it seems so simple living like a porcupine”
    we need to live a simpler life
    because our life is so filled with nonsense
    silly things
    empty life
    perfect for a simple goodbye

  • objects have an aura
    objects are alive with a piece of our soul

    women objectify men
    men objectify women

    we dare to objectify things

    I can’t be objectified
    I am an indivisible soul

  • local produce is better for the economy
    stop buying outside
    go local
    be local
    all crazy and hippie and bitchy
    i don’t even know, ha ha
    one thing I know for sure
    i would buy local
    if the things were better locally
    step it up merchants

  • i’ve never been to an actual library
    i’ve been in bookstores but not libraries
    is it any different anyways?
    i mean you pay in one and you rent in the other one
    i’d rather buy, then i’ll keep those books forever

  • back to square one
    don-t be such a square
    i am so done with my angst
    ha! teen angst
    such an overrated concept
    its square-ish its not like pop culture
    pop culture is circular
    everlasting periods
    loops loops
    they are not as sharp as squares

  • Moises Gonzalez commented on the post, measured 7 years ago

    the dimensions of my talent can’t be measured because maybe i am talentless but the difference of my existence relays in my hability to work hard and express myself
    i can’t be measured in the existence of opulence
    i just can’t be

  • Moises Gonzalez commented on the post, arts 7 years ago

    arts comprehend and coexist my whole life
    because it’s not real
    just a piece of your soul
    because we die everytime we create art
    we leave our suffering,our angst our happiness behind
    so we can print it on the arts
    i am willing to give it all
    to die
    with my art
    i am willing to give it all
    to live
    in the sky
    i just can’t…[Read more]

  • Moises Gonzalez commented on the post, somebody 7 years ago

    somebody somebody somebody listen to me i m dying i m dead in the cloud of artistry

    love me and help me
    i m dead
    somebody listen to my prayers
    god listen to me
    i am perishing under these dinning room lights
    chandeliers i am dying
    somebody listen to me

  • Moises Gonzalez commented on the post, spent 7 years ago

    i-ve spent my whole life alone and im pretty sure i’ll die alone ha! i laugh because it’s true i’m alone and there’s nobody who will ever understand me but oh well i don’t care i’ll never suffer because of love x spent spent spent my life in agony

  • Moises Gonzalez commented on the post, roar 7 years ago

    listen to my soal and how it roars> how i pray screaming redefining the meaning of believing in one-self listen to the tiger listen to the lion listen to the millions of people that conform the youth ROAR SO THEY CAN HEAR US WE ARE LIONS ROAR

  • Moises Gonzalez commented on the post, themselves 7 years ago

    themselves they offered themselves to the god of the art they offered their souls and their bodies, rotting slowly and the carnage, the meat, the flesh of the precious angel
    they offered themselves to a life of martyr
    themselves to a god of artistry

  • Moises Gonzalez commented on the post, major 7 years ago

    major major which major to decide i don’t even know because i don’t even care because i am not old enough to worry but i have thought about thissince i was 9 oh those were the good days when you didnt have to worry about majors. ugh i miss being 9