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    Classical music softly diffused all around in the old, majestic hall. Nick and his friend were met by an old fashioned butler, very Jeeves-like, Nick noticed with a certain marveled astonishment, and told to wait while they were being announced.
    The place itself was meant to impress the people who came in visit. And Nick surely was…[Read more]

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    They smiled at the memory. Many years had passed since those happy days when the whole family used to sit together in the garden, daylight slowly surrendering to darkness, and shared jokes and tales. Granny Mary had always had a penchant for tales, and a great sense of humor. How many laughs, how much happiness.
    They would never forget those…[Read more]

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    Withered as the daylight that dies when sunset comes.

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    Nick had helped the older man, despite the evident mutual dislike, so it was high time Joe returned the favor. Many things in life were unfair, if not completely wrong. Many people only cared about their own business, their own well-being.
    Joe hadn’t lived a perfect life. He’d got a raw deal since the beginning, but, to be completely honest, it…[Read more]

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    How could have he been so blind? His second and third in command were in love with each other and he had always failed to notice! The damn signals had been there all along.
    The timid looks they kept shooting at each other when they thought no one was paying attention. The way they suddenly blushed for apparently no reason. Their growing emphaty.…[Read more]

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    Crying in the rain. How cliched. Still, it was exactly what I was doing, my tears mingling with the raindrops.
    We’re almost never like we seem.
    I may look like a peaceful, good-natured and reasonably happy person, from the outside, but I’m not.
    Inside me there’s war, destruction, inside me a fire always burns, inside me flames of unrelenting…[Read more]

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    The little, tender lamb was happily trudgind through the field.
    Maybe lambs can’t smile, maybe they can’t feel emotions, maybe they can’t think.
    But, well, this particular lamb was simply different. No one had ever told him he couldn’t smile, think or be happy, or that he wasn’t supposed to, so he just did.
    It was a lamb’s smile. But such a happy one!

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    Fred smiled, observing the constant, friendly and reassuring bickering of his two friends. He knew it was their own personal way to say they cared for each other. The bound that tied them had quickly grew and morphed into a deep friendship, and it had done a lot of good to both of them.
    Pete, who had used to be a hard and sad man, now seemed…[Read more]

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    He sighed, frustrated. It seemed like the fate had conjured against him! The damn alarm clock had chosen exactly that day to stop functioning and he had, of course, overslept. The bus was overcrowded, and it was only after he’d gotten out that he realized his purse wasn’t in his pocket anymore, and, since he had forgotten to take the umbrella with…[Read more]

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    He turned a last time and looked at the automatic gate closing behind him. Just like a movie, he thought.
    The big, grey building of the prison stood up against the bright, blue sky. He took in a deep breath and let his gaze wander. Everything outside seemed so colorful: the scrawny, timid grass cropping up near the sidewalk. The cars, the trees,…[Read more]

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    The last time he had managed to write something, had been four weeks ago. Four weeks and two days, to be exact. Four weeks and two days of blank, empty hours spent looking at the same mockingly white page. He was the paper type: his friends often laughed at him for this, but he was definitely a screwup with computers, and he absolutely couldn’t…[Read more]

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    Days and days of annoyance, frustration and anger had piled and piled, till he had finally snapped, feeling he couldn’t keep all of this inside him anymore. And now that the had started shouting, crying and spitting out the truth, he realized he wasn’t able to stop.
    Words were bleeding out his mouth, burning like fire during their whole way out,…[Read more]

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    Phil looked up at his girlfriend, startled. Judging by Lucy’s expression, she had already called his name several times, but he was so caught up in his own thoughts that he had completely failed to notice her. He smiled apologetically, and bit back a sigh. He knew he hadn’t been such a good boyfriend, lately, and he was truly sorry. She deserved…[Read more]

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    I wish I was able to write better. It would be nice. I mean, OK, I can explain myself: explain what I want to say, convey the meaning I’m thinking about. But writing should be more than this. I’d like to be able to “embellish” my writing, add some spice to the recipe, if you know what I mean (now i sound like ACDC). Well, I’m not saying I’d like…[Read more]

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    “Todd, I won’t ask you again. Where is Jim?”.
    Todd grimaced. His father was more than angry, and to be honest, he deserved an answer, since both Todd and Jim worked with him, and Jim had yet to show up. Trouble was, it was an answer Todd couldn’t absolutely give.
    Oh, he knew where his brother was, no doubt. But he had assured Jim he would keep…[Read more]

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    He looked at his meal, a grim expression on his face. The meat was leathery, hard as a stone, the vegetables overcooked and the bread burnt. Not to mention the warm beer, but that, at least, hadn’t been cooked by his friend. He hid his grimace, and took another brave, resigned bite, not wanting to hurt Millie’s feelings. His hesitation, however,…[Read more]

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    Jake looked at the old man, sitting in front of him in the dim lit pub. A sad, resigned expression darkened his weathered face. The face of a man that had seen a lot of things, many of which he hadn’t liked at all. Life plays harder on some people, and, apparently, she hadn’t gone easy on him. A small, sad smile played for a moment on his lips,…[Read more]

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    Nick grasped a pencil from his dark, mahogany desk and hastily scribbed down the address Fred was telling him. They had to meet and have a serious talk about all that had just happened in the last coupla days. They couldn’t let this ruin their twenty-year long friendship. Nick knew he wasn’t ready to loose Fred’s affection and trust. He simply…[Read more]

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    An obtrusive, suffocating darkness surrounded her, and she felt like falling and falling, and there was nothing to stop her fall. She trashed around, limbs desperatly flailing, looking for something to hold on, anything!, but there was nothing. She was falling and falling, and no one could save her. She was beyond help. The ground, pitch black…[Read more]

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    He slowed down his pace to a slow jog, panting, ant then completely stopped accepting defeat, his hands on his knees, breathing hard, fatigue clear on his face. He grimaced, realizing that Jean was a good ten meters ahed, still running, apparently not tired at all. Accepting to accompany her in her morning jog had clearly been his first mistake…[Read more]