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    a burst of green, i don’t know what it is but i know it will survive unscathed. i hope anyway, this bright expanse of nothing, this vast land of whistling grass. while the rest of us are squandered by the burning sun, the serenity of this plain preserved forever.

  • Hana commented on the post, safeguard 3 years, 1 month ago

    there’s a difference between safe and careful.
    one is to protect others. the other, the self.
    i lie between the first. you, the second.
    you selfless eye you. you lover of truth, you savior of sacrament.
    how i long to live in your shadow.

  • Hana commented on the post, pine 3 years, 3 months ago

    you pine for the seasons just like
    you pine for the wind, the way it sinks
    into your skin heavy like musk. pine is like elm
    soft and quiet, hazy. close your eyes and encircle
    the trunk of the tree, like a memory, like a daydream
    that never ends. a slick november, the fingertip of the rings.

  • Hana commented on the post, armor 3 years, 4 months ago

    there were words and there were knives
    under the silhouette of the sunlight
    chiseled into bone. i saw
    the man with the chainsaw, cutting through
    the edge of the mirror, and when he slipped
    the cliff of metal caught on my throat
    and cut, jagged.

  • jill commented on the post, manhattan 6 years, 6 months ago

    i shall never write about a place
    in which i do not feel familiar
    empirical data is a necessity
    to produce anything of value
    in order for your word to mean

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    Last night i watched the movie The Wall….

    I hit a wall only to see
    that i went all the way through
    to the other side
    where all was bright
    and new
    and waiting for me to come and explore
    he was on the other side
    smiling with one dimple gracing his left cheek
    and i looked at him
    only to find there was never a wall at all
    that any wall…[Read more]

  • jill commented on the post, lord 6 years, 10 months ago

    i am my own lord
    we musnt look to the vast sky for answers to this earth
    look down to your feet
    look into the eyes of your peers
    and ask yourself questions
    and live
    and experience
    and find your own solutions
    we needn’t have a lord
    we only need our own capacity to reason

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    he soiled himself
    at the thought of death
    he knew he had no control
    and that alone was enough to break his nerves
    he tried to dissolve the thoughts
    but it was as if it was starring him in the face
    and forcing the urine to deepen the shade of denim upon him

  • jill commented on the post, season 6 years, 10 months ago

    i used to think my favorite season was summer
    and then i experienced the crispness under my feet
    as i traveled parallel to the creek
    that carried suicidal leaves to their watery death
    the movement of the water so subtle
    only those who rode upon its surface
    gave light to the fact it had any movement at all
    the sky is pale
    the trees are…[Read more]

  • jill commented on the post, past 6 years, 11 months ago

    i stare at this screen blankly
    and sink as the word “past” is presented before me
    there is too much, i think to myself, to write it all down
    to write any of it down
    associations purely with pain
    it is there
    it will always be there
    a part of me
    a representation of growth
    and the hardships that are necessary for growth to begin

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    drawing is my specialty
    in fact it is my whole reason for attending this university
    today i drew for fun
    what a rare occasion
    when always drenched in projects to complete
    expected to exploit my creativity
    and suck my inner child’s imagination dry

  • jill commented on the post, forth 7 years ago

    come forth my friends
    and join me on this journey
    to self-realization
    we have all been content closing our eyes
    and residing in the shadows
    it is time for a change
    for a rebirth
    come forth
    and prove to […]

  • jill commented on the post, entrance 7 years ago

    The entrance to my heart is not one easily found
    in fact
    until recently i did not even know there was an entrance
    i try to keep it blocked off
    for my own safety
    for my heart’s protection
    but little germs of […]

  • jill commented on the post, civilize 7 years ago

    There is no need to civilize
    we should all just recognize
    that they tell us lies
    lies lies
    the lies they will tell
    they’ll haunt you with hell
    they’ll taunt you with wealth
    still we try
    try try
    there is […]

  • jill posted an update 7 years, 1 month ago

    falling asleep
    she cuddles the dead
    crying and crying
    the walls they are whining
    no sympathy in question
    no question at all
    we’re all we’re all
    all going to fall
    she falls asleep crying
    the music is stoping
    the dead they are living
    the living are waiting
    and we
    in the world
    that’s not meant to be seen
    yes we’re lost
    we’re lost between

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    Is there really such thing as a fresh start?
    we like to believe so with the new year
    with the new school year
    with a new job
    with a new set of friends
    with a new destination
    with a new dream
    but you are […]

  • jill commented on the post, help 7 years, 1 month ago

    help me?
    i need not any help from you
    for i would rather no help at all
    than ask for your opinion
    than for you to steal my pride
    and show me uninvited pity
    i, my dear
    can help myself
    it is you
    who needs help

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    I have been told I should obtain an adviser; a spiritual teacher
    I was later told not to look for one- which i hadn’t done anyway-
    and one will come naturally
    well in the meantime i am rather satisfied being my […]

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    I sit at my desk
    just like everybody else
    i curl up into a ball upon my chair
    and put together little dots of different values
    and call it pointillism
    i finish covering the paper with dots
    and call it a […]

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