• Yuka commented on the post, half 7 years, 5 months ago

    Half a smile,
    Half a sentence,
    Half a happiness.
    I’m tired of halves.
    Where’s the other?

    is never enough.

  • Yuka commented on the post, track 7 years, 11 months ago

    She ran,
    she ran,
    she ran,
    towards the light at the end of the track….
    her breathing became heavy,
    her chest heaving,
    her lungs screaming for air,
    Her feet slowed,
    until every step was a […]

  • Yuka commented on the post, accordion 8 years ago

    A girl
    is kneeling
    among the bodies
    and ruins
    of the street
    holding the bloodied head
    of the man
    with the accordion.

  • Yuka commented on the post, crisp 8 years ago

    A carpet of leaves
    dead leaves
    crunching under my boots
    A ceiling of sky
    dead sky
    poking through the bare branches
    of the stark trees
    A world of silence
    dead silence
    everything is dead
    except me.

  • Yuka commented on the post, lilies 8 years ago

    Did anyone notice that they spelled “lilies” wrong? Ha. I refuse to write about it.