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    It’s a simple offering, a small paper crane left on the dresser amidst medications and jewelry. But it’s enough. He turns it over in his hand, all the carefully pressed lines and folds showing Crow’s careful touch.

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    He didn’t expect it to be spiked, but he can’t say he’s complaining. Life’s always a little more fun tilt-shifted, with his emotions running wild and a grin barely contained on his face. And besides–it gives him an excuse to kiss the nearest stranger.

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    It’s like a sickness engulfing him, a black, sticky mess of hatred that he sinks down into and becomes part of. And some day, there will be nothing of him left–just the spiraling depression going ever downward.

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    He’s been ’round the globe and back more times than he cares to count. But really, this is the only place for him. With the breeze in his hair as he leans over the bridge to watch the fish lazily swim about, he breathes in the scent of cherry blossoms and finally feels at home.

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    He steps to the edge, wings flared in the chilling night. The city snarls below him, packed with lights and rumbling with smoke and footsteps. He steps back once, twice–stops. Then, with a running jump, his feet hit the edge, and he soars.

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    It’s sweet as hell, and I try not to gag on the burning sensation in my throat. He’s staring at me with anxious eyes, and after a moment I manage a half smile and say, “If I liked cake, it’d be great. Really.” It’s not exactly what he wants to hear, but it’s the truth nonetheless. Look, I’m doing my best here.

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    It involved a lot of backtracking, but he did it. Convinced those damn fourth-graders he was in a play involving the Furies. A total lie, but at least they stopped asking about his wings.

  • It’s like he’s way up on the rocky peaks, staring down at a sprawling forest below. Except instead of crags and flowing leaves, it’s straight-lined buildings and screaming cars. That’s what happens when civilization takes hold. He’s not sure if he likes it or not; he remembers the mountains. Way up here, he can pretend they still exist. But that…[Read more]

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    Aki’s never been to Manhattan. Which is something of a surprise, really, considering how long he’s lived in New York. Well, at least it’s someplace new for you two to explore together. That’s always his favorite part–knowing nothing and diving right in, figuring it all out as you go along. (It’s the part you hate most.)

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    it’s never been a favorite past time of his, but aki likes it when they go at three in the morning with some half-drunk friends and nearly crash the place, all greasy-pizza and roughed-up shoes in the neon light.

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    it’s a quiet little place, which isn’t to aki’s taste, but you managed to tempt him with promises of peppermint mocha. “god, topher, you’re so boring,” he says, and rolls his eyes in that affectionate exasperation. but you know he loves you, and sometimes he likes to wind down in a little corner table by the window on a gentle spring day.

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    little animals digging down deep, beneath crisp broken leaves and autumn dirt. snuggling close for warmth and breathing deep in the hollow of damp earth and roots dangling in the air. fuzzy brown family all squished together and cuddling, breathing quietly in the evening.