• She was old. Her dog was old. Her house was old. Everything about the woman was just, old. Whenever we talked all I could do was stare at her cheeks, the way the hung from her cheekbones like, like, well they hung the only way old cheeks can! It gave me the willies.

  • I was falling. Down down down. It wasn’t like in dreams where your heart skips but you wake up on the other side of the world. In your bed. Alive. I was going down. The frigid air stung my cheeks, and my tears flew upward as I went down. I screamed and wondered if anyone could hear.

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    He looks down on her. Pitiful. Grey. Dreary.
    She’s sleeping on the grass, curled up in a little ball. He dark hair falling over her lips. Her pants cover her legs and her arms are tucked under her head. The only […]

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    There are two battles around me.
    The one in my heart and the one in my country. The one in my country is easy. One man hates another, so we fight.
    The war in my heart is dangerous. If the right people to not win […]

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    There comes a point in your life where there is no more thinking. Everything comes to a head and you just have to jump. Who knows. You might fall on your face, maybe if you are blessed you’ll end up on ht other […]

  • There was once a time when men wandered through the streets with their wives, musing through the various grocery stands as the children played at the park nearby. But now there is no musing. No child laughs at the […]

  • The man who stands over my shoulder
    He is dressed in black
    I trust he knows the way
    As I watch his back

    He leads me through the dessert
    The road of dusty death
    I know my adviser well
    A cloaked and hollow chest

  • The thought continued to bump around in the back of my head. Like an annoying little brother to whom had been given one of those obnoxious foam fingers with #1 slapped on in cheap paint. I pushed it away, even […]

  • I wonder where the term kick the bucket comes from. It always makes me think of an old man kicking a red bucket into the air. By the time it hits the grass he is already dead.

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    I wasn’t looking forward to our class trip to the Shady Pines. Firstly, who calls a campground Shady Pines. Sounds like a place to get jumped. Secondly, who wants to got to a mosquito infested, sand covered dump […]

  • She thought this was supposed to be a coffee house, not a slam jam session – full out screamo band included. Angrily she looked up at her date who was banging his head to the music.
    “You lier,” she thought […]

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    Carefully i set down my egg. Ha. Why did I decide to call it that just now? I don’t know. I guess you could call it an egg. I watch over it. I keep it safe. But it will never hatch, and I will never be it’s […]

  • I watched the stone wheels turn and grind. Small bits of flour flitted through the air. It smelled like horses and corn meal and sweet and farm life. It smelled like home. Easily I jumped out of the rafters and […]

  • She always wondered what it would be like to step on a lump of jelly. Like mud maybe?
    There was never any opportunity to answer the question. I mean, who buys a can of jelly and pours it into a large bowl just so […]

  • Carefully he dumped the last of the water out of the can and onto the flowers. It had been hot and dry, he swore the flowers visibly straightened. Someone rode by on their bicycle. His first instinct was to duck, […]

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    “I don’t care who writes the story, just put a lid on it.” Press Secretary Candy stormed out of the room.
    We sat there, dumbfounded. Write it? Write a story? None of us were writers. We were the rats. The one’s […]

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    He placed the thing gently on his head. It was blue and worn and greasy, just how he liked it. The other boys began to wine.
    “No, you can’t have it. It’s mine.” He commanded, and that was the end of it. This was […]

  • You’ve got the bear necessities, may mother nature rest . . .
    “Would you turn that stupid show off.”
    “Nooooo.” *stomp stomp stomp* “Katieeee. Don’t.” -click- “I hate you.”
    “Love you […]

  • “Do you have anything to say about that.”
    “No. Gosh no.” The waved them away with his hand then went back to rubbing his nose with it. He was obviously a business man; tall and successful, starched suite and all.

  • Everyone walks across the wooded trail.
    Everyone weathers the howling gale.
    Everyone makes one final step.
    Am I the only one who fears turning left?