• Uncertainty is not a reason to hold back from loving someone. So, I kept my hand there. And She kept her gaze on me and was happy to bare it, with all of it’s warmth, and need, and pressure.

  • Generals, Doctors, poets. They have little in common. Unless you look at those who are of quality. In that group there is one unifying factor, Sentiment. for ideals and their fellow men. Sentiment is glue that holds our morals together, and flavors our every deed.

  • Michael Minto commented on the post, harm 5 years, 9 months ago

    Crashes, impacts, kisses. We dance around a never ending assault of potential harms. And we do it with a smile on our faces. Sheryl never needs me to say that I will be there forever. She knows I won’t, and that’s ok, no harm done.

  • IF we could see, surely we would go. There’d be no other way to assuage our pain in knowing of the beauty of the untold. We seek enough because we don’t see, and maybe never will.

  • The smell… nothing could have prepared me for the smell. 20 years of farm work, 2 years of living on the street, 6 months as a janitor, and none of it was enough. Shit, blood, and piss. And bodies. And you can’t hear a thing in the trenches. Sensory overload, and complete numbness. The brain wasn’t designed for death at this magnification. My…[Read more]