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    A run over ragged trench of thick grass, the bottom sunk with mud and soft from the rain, the same three days worth of rain that’s filled up the bottom of the trench. His knees are wet through his pants as he struggles to make purchase, to climb upwards.

  • Cassie commented on the post, steady 5 years, 11 months ago

    Easy, reliable. They considered her enough of that. She’s as steady as they come, but underneath the calm in the waters there is an urge waiting to get out. She wants to be rough, to tumble through life and the streets screaming and falling into waiting arms. She wants to be reckless, wants stories to tell, wants danger and feeling alive. She…[Read more]

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    A fake, a false heart, plastic and strips of felt, pipe cleaner edges. You never had a real one, so you don’t know what love really is, but the important thing is and oh yes, there is an important part to all of this is that you tried to love me. You took your decoy of a heart and loved as best you could.

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    A thundering realization that maybe the world isn’t as static as she thought. She’s been living in the gray area in between the black and white. A foundation built of two men she loves, two she has such passion for, a trifecta of sex, and love, and trust, and it’s nothing that needs a name, but it’s everything all at once.

  • Cassie commented on the post, frenzy 5 years, 12 months ago

    Passion. A crazed heat. It’s way too hot to be in bed, to be joined together. His skin is damp and hot and she feels on fire. His mouth tastes her even where she’s sweating and the bed is all fucked up underneath them. His groans are fire curling around her and his hips slide against her own. It is too much, heat, and Him and their breath hanging…[Read more]

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    Really, you can’t remember what happened to you. One minute you were sleeping, the next you’re in a new town. What you don’t know, that I do know, is that you hit your head on the boat. That’s why you have that […]

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    The framework of Louis’ body is perfect. He’s just tall enough, slender enough, beautiful. Everything that Liam doesn’t attribute to himself or really, any other guy he’s ever met before. Louis is something else, […]

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    Father Van Vleet works in the cathedral. It’s been his goal for many years to wind up here. It’s one of the highest positions in the town and it hasn’t really sunk in that he’s become something of these people’s […]

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    For one brief moment I met your eyes and we were both on the same page, the same wavelength and for that moment in time we were the only ones there. We had the same goal, the same passion, and we voiced it in […]

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    Switching hearts, swapping numbers, exchanging names. All this is happening backwards. it isn’t supposed to be like this. Aren’t you supposed to love first and fall apart second? Not fall into bed and then hate […]

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    “Don’t be so nervous,” Louis says, “I just want to have a little chat with you.”

    Liam nods, but he is nervous, though he doesn’t know why. Okay, he does. King of the school Louis Tomlinson has cornered him and […]

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    Ryan is an idiot. He’s an idiot and he wanted to impress a group of older boys at the skate park by doing an impressive grind over one of the long stair cases. He’s an idiot and he falls and rolls his ankle […]

  • Cassie commented on the post, jelly 7 years ago

    Liam’s morning is not off to a good start. First, he’s smeared jelly all over his new trousers and secondly, Louis Tomlinson is sitting across from him. In fact, these two events do have a correlation, but Liam is […]

  • Cassie commented on the post, emptying 7 years ago

    You’re emptying yourself in more ways than one. Giving me some pieces, some parts, wires and bolts and old bones. You’re newer every time I see you, glossy and clean, sparkling with innovation.

  • Cassie commented on the post, necessity 7 years ago

    Something I need so desperately I can feel it down to my bones. Every time my sleeping form shifts across the sheets and all I want is you burning up in me. I wrap my fingers around air and cloth and pull you that […]

  • Cassie commented on the post, transform 7 years ago

    He likes her because she isn’t real. She isn’t really this queen supreme that she pretends to be. Underneath the make up and plastic curves she’s a lot like him. Maybe he likes her so much because she’s what he’d […]

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    What a twisted messed up little game. What a stunt Jon is pulling. He’s smart when he wants to be, smarter than Ryan gives him credit for and more evil than he probably wants to believe. But he knows how to worm […]

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    Sometimes Louis thinks he might have missed his calling. It’s nothing he wants to linger on, because who the fuck wants to believe they’re wasting their only shot? He loves teaching, adores his stupids -because […]

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    Troy couldn’t take everything with him when he left, of course not, so some of Troy’s things got left behind at the apartment. The first day after Troy is gone, Abed skips school and goes around the apartment […]

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    He takes her to the base of his operations. Really, his base turns out to be a room in an mediocre hotel in Chicago. He’s clearly not from the area and she knows too little about him and why he’s in the city to […]