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    there is a man who can jump and run and prance and dance and fly and cry like a superhuman but he his worthless in this world because of what he can’t do and if thousands of years ago he was he would be a knight but today he’s got no sales

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    It’s raining, and my ankle hurts in replacement of the pain one feels from guilt, or maybe it’s the change in humidity.

  • Theres the high road and the low road and one’s covered in grit and sea glass shards. Separate from those is the bad road which leads through the valley and you can’t get through without the proper lantern.

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    The boy who runs away is bound to do it again and again. After running away once it becomes ingrained in you and becomes your immediate thought for escape. Is it going tough? runway.

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    Staring at the flat ceiling above me and the white paint that covers it. I wish it dripped or melted even if I was strangled and asphyxiated by it but it’s dry, its constant. Though nothing lasts forever, it’ll chip someday.

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    ripping and tearing and sharing but not with intention we were shredding and smearing it all over the surface but the hunger was insatiable

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    the baker starts at 2 when counting, its the same amount but he’s snorted too much flour and syrupy beer I’m trying to break the distance but its dozens of lightyears away, connection – that is.