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    we went to buy them together.

    or maybe i went to buy them alone, and your mind was somewhere else while your corporeal body drifted next to me, in and out of existence. you said they were pretty. and i agreed. they are very pretty. even now, with a thin layer of dust over their surface, they look delicate and look more fitting to someone of…[Read more]

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    i’ll never get to capture you.

    you’re so many things in a person at once, all fire, all soft, kind and gentle but callous, sharp, honest and cold, with the warmest brown eyes but the snidest, most cutting glances. you’re a contradiction in a piece, a mystery by all regards, but a wonder by my judgement. the curve of your mouth is more often a…[Read more]

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    “you see them?” you say carelessly, waving a pale hand towards the invisible barrier between us and them, unbroken glass, clear and clandestine. “they’ll never be like us,” you continue, sweeping your bangs out of your eyes, eyes dark and flickering with some unknown emotion in the muted light. you never say that we’ll never be like /them/, though…[Read more]

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    and he’s off, feet against the dirt, racing the sunlight, arms stretched out in front of him, mouth agape in a breathless gasp and he chases the wind, tossing his head. his eyes are bright and flickering as he peers over the open air, holding onto nothing, mouth curved into a sharp, raw grin. he says he chases the adrenaline and the vertigo and…[Read more]

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    the moment he steps forward and slips into his awaiting arms, his pale eyes seem to drain of exhaustion, instead glowing faintly in the muted light, as though the life within was threatening to spill out. he holds on tight to the other boy, his hands desperate in their searching but kind in their touch. he lets out a long exhale and buries his…[Read more]

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    there’s a melancholy in this hall, like all of the students that ever been here were lingering faintly like kind ghosts peering out of the shadows. a faint breeze picks up the heavy curtains and sends them swishing over the glass, and i walk slowly up to the stage. not long ago, i had been up there, mcing an event with all the nonchalance in the…[Read more]

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    oh god, i’m in love with you.

    i didn’t know. well, maybe i did, but i didn’t think too hard about it.

    i saw you in a dream last night. we were together, and we were happy.

    /you/ were happy. and that was the most important thing.

    i’m terrified. what do i do now when i see you? my heart seems to stutter and i feel more self conscious…[Read more]

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    Laid out on the table were spoons of all sizes, all he’d never seen before, forks, chopsticks, plates and bowls and glasses, and- It was never-ending, it seemed.

    Yet, the silverware lay beneath the wooden boards just underneath his bed. For the first time in his life, his silver tongue provided no defense.

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    The lights of the nightclub pulsed, the bodies under them writhing, necks bared and hips rolling.

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    She was a circus clown; red nosed, pale cheeks and eyes fixedly wide from having seen too much, set into her small, chubby face. She’s dressed up, put in garnish yellows and blurry flower patterns, picked up from the imitation vintage boutique at the fringes of the city’s downtown.

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    Never in her life had she felt as if the world was tilted sideways. She was stumbling around in a cold, dark room, with hallways that branched left right up down. Which way should she go? Did that direction lead to where she had come from?

    All she knew was this: Whatever happened, she could not stay.

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    It wasn’t logical, what I was doing. Missing a date, switching decisions seconds after I’ve made them, taking a nap right before class. It didn’t make any sense. Yet, maybe it was what I needed, if only to force myself to pick up my pieces, and turn everything logical again.

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    you haunt my dreams like a ghost, a lingering shadow always behind a door, a whisper, a dream, an idea. you stalk my thoughts like a wolf does its prey, except this time the lamb would easily succumb under its claws, because i melt under your eyes as swiftly as the morning dew, relenting, blue fumes swallowed in red.

    – i’ve always loved you.

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    there is so much tension in the air that i feel like i could faint. there’s words traveling through the room, but all of them pointless, and meaningless in a ridiculous way. she perches as a lady should on the edge of her chair, all grace and poise, and he stands there by the clock, eyes grappling to find somewhere to focus on without…[Read more]

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    There are many lessons in life we learn. The small ones, the ones your parents tell you – be a good boy and Santa will give you a present; come back with an A and we’ll get you that new iPhone. Then there are the big ones – the one where we lay on our deathbeds and think: I should’ve lived my life when I had the chance.