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    “I’ll be home for Christmas, you can plan on me…” This is the 63rd time I’ve heard this song today.

    I’ve been counting.

    “Please have snow,. And mistletoe…” I know because I’ve been here, on this yellow pleather, for 10 hours, going on 11. “and presents on the tree… Christmas Eve will find me, where the love light gleams.” Incheon,…[Read more]

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    Deer, Boar, Bear – all present at tonight’s drunken feast, all in the background of Hanafuda cards, or so I’m told by superiors not so much drinking sakeas spilling it everywhere.

    Passing time, talking about an old man’s card game, when all I’m thinking of is everything but.

    Remember that time you beat me with 70 so points?

    It’ll haunt…[Read more]

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    My secretary called me in the morning two weeks ago, excited, and I couldn’t muster up the courage to show my face at work to talk about his “good news.”

    I was in this office, two weeks ago, with a different piece of paper, a thicker one. I sat with over lukewarm, bittersweet coffee with my Principal asking me to stay, first at his request,…[Read more]

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    The sound of a doorbell reminds me of a note I’d left in my techo on this date /months/ ago: 11,474 yen, Zekkei, which I guess would roughly translate to…11,474 yen, Great View. It didn’t dawn on me what it was until I stumbled through the change and lazily signed where I should have firmly hanko’d, and opened the box –

    “幸…[Read more]

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    “From the rooftops, they’ve watched the people move through these roads for generations,” I whip out the first with a flare of grandiose that is certainly not present in its original language. “Where they may have been effective at striking fear into a thief or other such wayward heart-” there’s some more embellishment “-they ultimately couldn’t…[Read more]

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    mpossible to ignore – all the voices in your head speaking at once, their words drawing the thick, bitter sap out of you like a wounded tree; wanting to scream, but nothing comes out. Nightmares like words whispered to you in desperation – asking, begging, tearing you to shreds – letting ivy grow unchecked until it’s suffocating you, waking up…[Read more]

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    Making my way North, slowly, with a seven card hand and no playables in sight. Mulligan? I stroll further up familiar streets I don’t recognize in the dark – 5 lands, 1 playable. Mulligan #2.

    Slip into a little farming aqueduct, catch myself, take a breath. 5 instants, no lands. Meaningless tricks, mull #3.

    I stop at a bridge, dropping my…[Read more]

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    Day 4

    There’s a British game show where the host’s lovely assistant chooses five different numbers between 1-100, then randomly generates a number between 100-500. The panelists use each of the five numbers once – adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing with the others – to try and get as close to the target number as possible.

    Sometimes…[Read more]

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    Day 3


    You use an Antidote when you’re poisoned.
    Eye Drops when you’re blinded.
    A Gold Needle when you’re petrified.
    Smelling Salts to wake you from confusion.
    A Maiden’s Kiss to bring your body and mind from frog to man.
    Megalixirs for when you’re beat an inch from death, and
    Echo Herbs.…[Read more]

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    Day 2

    Ambivalence – It cages misery, dejection, fury and all the other feelings that have lost their direction. The click-click-click of spokes like blue devils plucking at tightened heartstrings, a chaotic melody that sometimes dovetails into something bearable –

    Like checking every pocket for misplaced keys, wondering if you’re just buying time.

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    Day 1

    Try to grasp its form. Keep your mind’s eye on the self and your others on the horizon. Even when the sun goes down other small lights dot the sky, and people have always found stories in them.

    Find your place among them, and fade into day.

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    You’re wrong.

  • mistyfizz commented on the post, concerned 1 year, 7 months ago

    I felt myself melt in the dead of Winter at the foot of your doorstep, and consciously made the choice to open that hearth to share it.

    I felt myself stretching toward the sun in the Spring with the light you brought me, but sitting under cherry blossoms I felt it begin to burn.

    I felt myself shrivel away in the dark of that hallway when I…[Read more]

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    You don’t have to sit at a desk and tap away at a computer, or touch the point of a pen to paper just to change a few details in your favor. All you need is a voice, apparently – a vote of confidence in your power, a voice, and a face everyone can trust. Speaking in black ink, it makes the whole story seem flawless doesn’t it? No one can see…[Read more]

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    Even when I’m on the wrong road, I know it runs beside the main route. I know that even while I’m walking through quiet, beat down neighborhoods, I’m going the right way – and it feels great.

    Even though that odd choice of direction would stir discomfort in others, I know you think like me. I know you’ve made all the right calculations, all the…[Read more]

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    Stilted, like the petals of a flower I’ve wilted, tilted in this inverse world that I call
    Home? It’s hard to tell anymore – what does it mean, what is it all
    Four? weeks from now a brand new month, empty as the list of words that rhyme with
    August, not enough, a whole clock full of minutes and moments to
    Stuff, all of the things that occupy…[Read more]

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    Five small glasses lined up in front of me, all with fairly straightforward names – Amber Ale, Blonde Ale, Imperial Oatmeal Stout, IPA, and Scotch Ale – a different percentage under each name and a promise of looser lips in the hours to come.

    They’re not for me, though, I’ve tried them all before. I’m not always in the mood for that bitter…[Read more]

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    The fields are verdant – the rice grows an inch a day and the wheat has already been harvested twice. Water from snow falls down the nearby mountains and feeds the irrigation channels through hundreds of little squares that have been arranged so neatly in between the villages that, from above, the whole lakeside looks like a colored piece of grid…[Read more]

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    Little moments stitched into time by the gravity of circumstance – can it be so simple? Superstitious folk considered hauntings a grievous occurrence that brought to the forefront of their lives spirituality and faith. With a the growing and recent trend of liking “I Fucking Love Science,” people have found more creative ways to explain away such…[Read more]

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    Am I looking into the sea? A hundred little star-shaped spots , standing out only slightly against the vivid aquamarine tint of the sea, which dyes everything around it an alluring shade nature surely hasn’t given a name – Shakotan, maybe? Nothing seems to come close.

    Am I looking at the evening sky? In the darkness, those little spots turn…[Read more]