• I think we like things that make sense things that are clear cut. Almost geometric. I think its easier to see a triangle than an abstract idea of something. We love things that make sense and are perfectly straight.

  • I was nominated for president. I should have won. I was supposed to win but I didn’t. It was a popularity contest and I lost. But then again the way I was treated, the way I felt. I obviously wasn’t supposed to […]

  • Violence is something that has never been an answer but then again that wasn’t a rule people actually lived by. “Violence isn’t the answer” is one of those rules that is taught until you know violence is wrong but once you understand its wrong then nobody enforces it. It might just be me but there […]

  • Kristin Auzat commented on the post, belief 8 years, 4 months ago

    Belief is an absolutely ridiculous thing. To believe in something is the whole goal…right? My beliefs are, well they are still forming. I wish I could say I have beliefs but I can’t, I just don’t know how to express into words what I believe in…if I believe in anything.

  • Forgetting is such a silly word, because you never actually forget you just choose to put it out of your mind. I forgot. What a common phrase. I forgot to close the garage. I forgot to clean the house. I forgot I wasn’t still 17. I forgot I was a mom.

  • Painted. Painting. Painter. Paint. When you hear a voice inside you saying “Don’t Paint” then by all means paint and let that voice be silenced forever more. You are an artist everyday you paint a world with you imagination. Consider your past painted.

  • Kristin Auzat commented on the post, plaid 8 years, 4 months ago

    Plaid is something that we see in our everyday lives whether it be on a picnic table in the park or on the guy you like’s shorts. Plaid is something we all know and recognize. Lets put some plaid into our lives, shake things up and play with plaid.