• I think since I’ve been here I’ve doubled the love I have for you. I don’t know how it happened but it just did. And it hurts. It really hurts. It hurts to know that I’m in a place so perfect for who I am but that I can’t share it with you and you’re not here. I’m here. You’re there. I don’t know what to do about this blah. If only there were a…[Read more]

  • Rebound. Your mind automatically goes to the person you fuck in order to get over the one you love. But what an ugly thing to do. The rebound will always be known as the rebound. Rarely the one who’s cute, the one with the nice smile, the one who’s flirted with you for months or years, the one you marry. They’re just an object to you but who knows…[Read more]

  • The sisterhood is something that is developed over time. You don’t just ‘get in’. But man o man, when you’re in. These girls are your life, they know you inside and out almost better than you know yourself. They’re the law, the lighthouse, the brick wall in your life that you hit telling you “Nu-uh, do NOT hit that!”

  • Each spilled coffee stain on the table has it’s own story. Every single one of them. For example, take that long skinny one over there – that’s when they decided to make it look ‘authentic’ and just chucked coffee at the table. That one there is a true coffee stain, happened when we laughed so hard the just coffee slipped out of our hands.

  • I feel like a tornado. I just keep spiralling out of control and one mental breakdown after another threatens to end me for good I don’t think I can do this for much longer. I’m tired. So tired. And I know I say this all the time, when I’m lazy, when I don’t want to get the glass of water off the counter or when I just want you to lie with me but…[Read more]

  • MissStrawbunny commented on the post, think 6 years, 8 months ago

    I think I think too much some times. The more I mull something over the worse of an idea it seems. For example, I thought for weeks about who to take to semi. Weeks. And by then everyone was already taken. Then, I let myself go for one second- one second, and bam. I have the sweetest, most wonderful and handsome date for semi. I think I’ll try…[Read more]

  • One should always be available. Whether it is to lend an ear to a friend, to answer a question for chemistry of be emotionally available, nothing bad can come from leaving yourself open to opportunity. I want to be more available. Because when you leave yourself open to the world, you discover wondrous things.

  • When you are presented with an opportunity please don’t give it up. Give it your all. Make sure you suck every last bit of juice out of that opportunity. Make it your bitch. Take control. Exhaust it to the point where you think there is nothing more it could possibly give. Then push harder.

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    Give rise to greatness. Rise from the depths of yourself. Know that you are meant to be here. Rise from the shame, guilt and fears you once possessed. You are meant to be here. Rise from the countless times you’ve fallen. Because the only thing that counts is the fact that you’ve gone up one more time than you’ve fallen.

  • Under rated. Under powered. Under privileged.

    This means nothing. We are nothing. I am nothing.

  • Under the bridge, under the water, under the ocean under the sea. Hidden away in the cold depths. Under my skin I can feel it. The change. The change that I am becoming a new me. Someone much stronger with a sense of who I am. WHo I am meant to be. An understanding of who I am under my veil.

  • The locals of a town tell the history of it. The history lies in the grey bearded man lying on the sidewalk, his emily coffee cup hungry for coins. History can be found in the small girl in the pleated skirt, on her way to school before her step-mom knows she’s gone. History lies in the locals. History is seen in the slender woman who quietly sits…[Read more]

  • Local fruits are the best. So are local friends. Keep the people you love close to you, don’t push them away for someone else. Your friends on the phone can wait. After all – they’re texting you. They’re not with you. The people who care enough to be beside you and laugh real laughs at your jokes, smile real smiles at your stories and touch your…[Read more]

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    Soon. Soon the time will come when we no longer talk the way we do now. We’ll slowly forget to text back, slowly leave each other in the back of our minds. We’ll drift apart after a while. And pass each other on the street without a second glance. When this day comes, when your name becomes just another arrangement of letter I call an…[Read more]

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    I’m late. I don’t know for what yet but I know that I’m dragging behind. Something is off and i’m not prepared as I should be. I need to know that I will be on time. That this will all be worth it. That I can catch up to whatever it is that needs to be caught. And I fear the outcome could be life changing. And i need to catch it.

  • I want to satisfy you. In every way. I want to be funny enough to make you laugh, charming enough to make you smile. I want to make you want, make you cry, make you feel. I want to be enough for you for ever and for always. Why, you might ask? Because you are enough for me. You are my everything. You satisfy my every need, want and desire.

  • Employees of the month. A competition. For the ‘best worker’. But maybe that person isn’t really the best, they just have a lot of time on their hands. Maybe someone else deserves it more. The guy who lost his house. The girl who’s father died. The boy who doesn’t eat for days on end. They may not be doing as much work, but they’re working their…[Read more]

  • Time is measured in different ways. Sailors measure it with the watch on their wrist. Students measure it with the time of the old rundown clock on the wall. I measure it by the hours, minutes, seconds that I am away from you. That I don’t hear your voice. That I am not next to you. That I can’t hold your hand or brush my lips against your warm,…[Read more]

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    The arts are something I’ve always been interested in. First it was visual arts, then photography, and now drama. Drama has become something special. I’ve created a family out of it. I can’t wait to see the faces of this beloved family every evening. I love making lists, schedules, sorting things out, talking to people, being in with the theatre…[Read more]

  • I used to wish i was somebody else. Sometimes I still do…