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    Everything I owned was confined to a single bag that I was carrying on my shoulders. That said a lot about me. When a person decided to leave all the distractions and stressors of the world and take all their worldly possessions, they should have more than just a single bag, yet that was all I had as I hopped on a bus out of town, everything…[Read more]

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    The plate of chocolate coated strawberries were sitting in front of her innocently – a gift from her ex boyfriend. The simple fact that he’d sent them was yet another reason she was glad she hadn’t continued seeing him. If he was a real boyfriend that paid attention, he would have known that strawberries were the one thing in the world she was allergic to.

  • He thought that he’d had it under control. He’d spent years learning how to work the heavy machinery. There was no reason that anything should have gone wrong, but it had.

    One wrong move was all it took for the forklift to drop the cargo. One wrong move was all it took for the heavy, metal box to go crashing down. One wrong move was all it took…[Read more]

  • His entire body ached. A groan of pain left his lips as he laid on the hard, concrete ground of the sidewalk. He knew he should have asked for help trying to carry everything down to his car, but He’d been too stubborn. Now, all his things lay strewn out across the ground, and he possibly had a fractured wrist. Great.

  • Right outside my foggy and rain covered window was a cat. It was curled up under a chair on my patio just sitting. It looked soaked, as if it had been in the rain for a while before I’d even seen it. The look in it’s eyes was one of misery and despair. I felt bad for the poor thing. Maybe… I could help it.

  • This was unbearable! I’d only just stepped outside and I could feel the humidity ruining the hair that I’d just spent half an hour perfecting. It was like I hadn’t even done anything.
    I groaned to myself and continued on my walk. This heatwave had better be over soon, or else someone was gonna be facing my wrath.

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    The woods were dangerous around these times. Not even the bravest of men would be willing to go out on a night like this. The crows were cawing, the sky was devoid of any and all stars, and it was eerily silent. Anyone would brains would know not to go inside. And if they didn’t have any internal signals that went off just being near them, there…[Read more]

  • I couldn’t lose my baby. I’d already lost too many children to the same, disgusting illness. There was no way that I would let it happen again. I wouldn’t make it through.

    “I’m sorry ma’am. We’ve done all we could. She’s gone.” And just like that, my light was gone.