• Mother’s embrace.
    Warm, inviting.

    Mother’s disgrace.
    Dead, hopeless.

  • i am dry, but no moisture will pass my lips.
    i am worn, but no patchwork will have it’s way with me.
    i am broken, but not to be fixed.
    i am earth, dust, ashes.

  • i can’t believe you.
    i can’t.
    i won’t.
    and even as you sit across from me, looking lost, looking sad, i will not believe it.
    looks aren’t everything.

  • i am curious about your smile. your smirk, rather. i don’t know if it’s the way the light was hitting your eyes, or the smell of rotten milk, but i could have sworn there was something evil forming on the corner of those lips.

  • i have never forgotten your smell or how cold your hands always were because of the drugs. i have never forgotten your kindness, or how you couldn’t see anyone’s pain but your own. i haven’t forgotten the way you looked that day when your mom was gone and you left the bed to answer the […]

  • i lived in a trailer for the last three years of my life. i never expected to leave. hell, i didn’t really want to. i had a system there, i was comfortable. but that’s how opportunity is i guess. never comes quite when you want or expect it.