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    I walked into his house. It had a strange familiar feeling. Like I belonged there. He smiled warmly and it just felt natural to be there with him. He went into the kitchen to get me a drink, and I glanced around the room. There wasn’t much on the walls, except for a painting of a bear and her cub. He came back into the room and, finally, the…[Read more]

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    We’re all growing up. It’s crazy, a year from now we’ll all be so different. Different places, different faces. I look back on all the memories and realize how much everything has changed. Growing up, getting older, moving on, becoming bolder.

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    My mind races to chemistry class. Our teacher, Ms. Nanola,asks our group to complete a problem on the board. We look at each other hesitantly, seeming to convey the notion that none of us really know what to do…the homework didn’t make any sense.

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    I see him. on the football field. playing the game he loves. it’s a time out. he looks at me. for a moment i forget to look away. how can i get the nerve to talk to him? we talked over the summer. but september […]

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    I remember sitting in literature class, the teacher talking, and us learning about epics like The Odessy and Ramayana. It all seemed so in depth. The stories were simple at first, but once you really learned about […]

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    I walked down the staircase. I was wearing the most beautiful lilac prom gown that our tiny budget could afford. In the the foyer I spot my father, who has already greeted my handsome date. I couldn’t believe this night had actually come. I’ve dreamt about prom my whole life, and now it is finally […]

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    I walk around the bend of the hidden staircase leading up to the small tower. It’s the only place where there is a full view of the town next to us, Dethingstone-Valture, full of beautiful landscape, trees, flowers, houses, people rumbling in the streets nearby; if only I could escape to that place.

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    I see the monkey bars in the playground ahead of me. Instantly my mind flashes back to when i was a toddler, walking across the busy street with my mom. i can see my house, with the big shutters and windows, across the street. i see the other kids and their parents, laughter everywhere, joy […]