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    The lid creaked as she pried it apart. A smell like dust and cedar enveloped the little box, and three folded papers greeted her wandering fingers. Special words, the greatest of her life. Last words.

  • One defining moment in a series of bland, racing thoughts, bringing light and texture to their bare faces. Elation and accomplishment. A triumph.

  • Spending twelve hours perfecting a single sentence. Shoving every emotion you have into that lighter tone no one will notice except to imply a light source. And, never, never backing down.

  • The pursuit and skillful trapping of, redundant backstabbing and divorcing of, and the eventual renewed longing for, a husband.

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    Couldn’t she see the way they looked at her?! Followed the deep, convex curve of her hips and around, skimming the waist and driving higher, higher-
    No. Her eyes acknowledge only him, and he should be grateful, in awe of her. But he’s not.

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    I crawl, I eat, I center the entirety of my being to one infintiscimal point: a grain I see to build my house upon.

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    Digging into her knees, grinding scars in that unprotected flesh. She should have studied more, gotten that one answer right instead of… not. She won’t do it again.

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    Saturated, soaking, laden with black tar sludge, squishing step by step to a brighter street corner. Trudging and limping and shuffling with the weight of pain turned to molasses in a sponge.

  • She’s still showing, a little bump under her ribs. They ask her when she’s due, how far along she is, and how the baby’s doing. She purses her lip and ignores the sting in her eyes; never.

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    I’ve climbed ten thousand stairs on ten thousand pikes with ten thousand blank-faced suits careening by on ten thousand little errands when all I want to do is reach the ten thousandth step. One high step, and I will watch the world fly by.

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    In times of strife the straw beneath their feet provided traction, helping them leap atop eighteen-hands-tall horses and gallop away. In times of joy it decorated the wooden floors with the cacophony of rhythmic stomps, the center and the abandoned of the dance. The nourishment for the livestock, the padding for the comfort of their […]

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    Silk, taffeta, tulle, brocade, velvet, felt, cotton, hemp, polyester blend, chiffon, lace. Is it the color or the style that determines the value?

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    Under his gentle touch, she felt for the first time a sense of true awe in all that has was and is and could be. It was why she begged him to marry her, to let her see the endless cacophony of stars gleaming in his eyes. She gazed at him in wonder, and he […]

  • Welcome to the machine, a veritable stronghold of power, greed, and corruption rampant upon the tracks of society. Derailed by instant gratification, it rolls unchecked, destroying all in its path with the precision of metal and coal. Get on, or get out!

  • Stretching over boundless horizons, a figure of yellow and pink stands before the precipice, poised and waiting. Waiting for something, or someone, she can never see, captured as wholly as a painting on canvas, a permanent fixture on a dull, white wall.

  • Little fingers groped for the twine, fraying, scraping along soft skin until the light overhead clicked on, blinding large opal eyes. They blinked, adjusted, and settled on the prize so often denied those itchy fingers; a smirk unfolded across cupid’s bow lips.

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    Stumbling out of the crowded pub, he tripped his way along gravel streets to the driveway of the school. And then he stripped, whooped, and ran the full mile to the front doors san-trou.

  • Her hair whipped across her nose and lashes with the fierce pre-storm winds, her cobalt eyes staring at the fading sunlight. He watched her lips quirk upward, and then those glowing red strands brushed over her skin again, and he pushed them back, leaning into her back.

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    It shattered, leaving splinters of sharp ivory poking through her shin. Her vision drifted with black, her breathing stilled in shock. That immeasurable pain, and still it couldn’t eclipse the sharp sting of her broken heart, left in thousands of pieces by the driver of the same car that clipped her right leg as he […]

  • Why do we reach for barbells, or guns, or money, when we could be striving for self-actualization?