• A kiss on the soul, a hug to the heart

    A whispered “hello”, a “love you” to go

    A scribble on paper, a misspelled letter

    A cheap plastic bauble, a precious treasure

    A teardrop, a smile

    A moment in time, forever mine

  • I am under doctors orders. I pour two of the little white pills into the open palm of my hand. I imagine it is a choice between the blue pill and the red pill. Which one will I choose. Will I choose blissful ignorance. Will I choose the hard reality. I decide not to decide. Let the fates make the choice for me. I toss the pills behind my back, I…[Read more]

  • His deep blue eyes looks into the distance. I’m not sure if he sees the world now – the beautiful seascape in front of him, or if he was looking deep into his past; his future. He purses his lips thinly, turns his wheelchair and beckons me. Time to go home.

  • The wooden floor was stained a dark chocolate colour, but the blood pool around the woman’s head contrasted even darker. The CSI team was still busy gathering their bits and bobs, focusing on the physical evidence. Andrea stepped away from the body, she wasn’t here to read the dead. She was here to read the life, the life that had bled out on the…[Read more]

  • The African Bush is sufficiently noisy, especially this close to the riverbank. Still, he takes great care in moving without making a sound. He now hides behind a thicket of scrub underneath an umbrella thorntree – the icon of
    the Savannah. His quarry is in sight. He can hear the men laughing, the fire crackling. Taking a deep breath, and…[Read more]

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    I slip into something more comfortable – my own thoughts. Far from the hustle and bustle of the city, of normal life, of typicality. Here, in the in-between, I can be wholly myself and have only myself for company.

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    i slip slip slide away in my own thoughts… hither tither wanderings and this-that ramblings…
    such and such…

  • wind factored
    distance measured
    laying in wait

    target acquired
    hairlines crossed
    job well done

  • I watched as she worked the land, digging into the earth with her bare hands. No, not quite right, she didn’t work the land, she cajoled it, coddled it, caressed it, and it responded in great exuberant spurts of growth. Her garden was as wild as she was, and just as surprising, exciting, and endlessly abundant. Today she was digging new trenches…[Read more]

  • She rushed through the front door as the summer storm suddenly broke. Classically dressed in blue jeans, a white blouse and cowboy boots, with wavy blonde hair and blue eyes, she was the epitome of a carefree country girl. But she had her quirks. She walked up the stairs in a curious fashion – a dance of some sorts, muttering under her breath and…[Read more]

  • She walks among the ruins dragging her feet. Dust, still unsettled, drifts on the wind and as the sunlight catches them, they sparkle, turning the damage and destruction into a surreal glittering landscape.

  • The gentlemen tipped their hats as she walked past, their eyes lingering on her form just a bit longer than civilized company should.

  • “Assuming that Aaron is right about the whole thing though…”
    “He’s not.”
    “But just…”
    “No. End of discussion.”

  • As I watch her perfect red lips part in a perfect smile, revealing perfect white teeth; and hear her perfect laugh at whatever her perfect handsome companion said while nonchalantly sweeping her perfect blonde hair from her perfect blue eyes, I wonder who the buyer of her happiness is and if he takes appointments.

  • If I know beforehand, would I still….


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    Time to free myself from this waking coma. Life awaits.

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    The wind howled outside, blustery gusts relentlessly throwing rain and sleet against the windowpanes. But inside Magnalinia Hall, it was warm and bright with festival goers reveling in every delight. The Duke of Callington guffawed at somewhat that The General had said and young courtiers giggled and blushed as Prince Lexan strutted past them. I…[Read more]

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    It was a beautiful warm and clear spring day, made even more wonderful because it was a treasure scattered in between days of solid rain. I sat at one of the rough timber tables under the dappled shade of the old oak tree and watched my daughters climb on the cafe’s sparse play equipment, marveling at their joy. I took a sip of the very strong…[Read more]

  • As he surveyed the crime scene in front of him, he longed for his old technology. He knew it didn’t help thinking of what was lost, but his mind drifted back to that day that his recon mission went awry, sending his ship into an uncontrolled descent. He had to abandon, and worse, he had to push that big red button. Self Destruct. “Goodbye Danni”,…[Read more]

  • Fear held her prisoner for years. She was used to looking out at the world with a somewhat damaged psyche. Trust did not come easy. Usually it never came. It was for all these reasons and more that she found herself lost in a sea of people. She smiled and made idle chit chat, but no-one ever knew the true Daphine. She doubted anyone ever would.