• He care for himself as much as his one hundred year old bones could do. He could only fend for himself for he had no one else to look out for him. He should have been more charitable when he was younger.

  • Mention my name and he will cringe. Mention what I did and he will rage. Mention that I am gone and he will cry. Mention me for that is the only way I can be be near him.

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    The roar of the wind fused with the roar of the waves as it lashed against the rocks. My skirt and long hair whips about and around me. But in this tempest, I still feel at one with the universe.

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    A wagon carries things, people, memories, treasured moments towards the great blue yonder, to the California Gold rush of the 1800s. Can’t find a wagon like that no more.

  • A prosperous day it is for a man when he does not look for wealth but finds prosperity in wisdom.

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    The trade winds that blow galleons across unchartered seas brings the fate of sailors across unknown lands. There they shall find a tropical paradise where danger lurks behind every coconut tree.

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    Near the tree I once passed by is an empty space. In its place is a love seat carved out of that tree – it is still near to where I once passed by.

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    What kind of wrench is used by a wench to quench one’s thirst on a bench?

    I wouldn’t know. Might as well wrench something out of the bench.

  • The late night edition on my bed side table speaks of events already happening. The edition in my mind speaks of events about to come.

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    Summer…thoughts of warm days, balmy nights, setting sun in the hills brings everything aglow. Summers of my youth spent in the fields amongst the flowers……by my gravestone.

  • Perfectly I dream in perfect concentric dreams going round and round. Only in dreams do I see so perfectly.

  • To discover my lover’s play of words, to discover the wealth of speech. To discover the joy of just discovering. Magical. Absolutely magical.

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    Phrase the love you have for me if you can and I will phrase the passion we both can share. A phrase that is boundless in so few words, a phrase encompassing my love.

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    Pale complexion, blond blue eyed, hair streaked with blue lines, the notice blared.

  • I gazed through the telescope at the vista below. Because the telescope was from the space station. I was looking at earth.

  • Sweater clinging to the skin of the man by the beach. No one knew who he was. He had his face down on the pebbled shore, eyes wide shut.

  • Sunlight streams through the windows like light illuminating my consciousness. Sunlight is the gift of life for me in this cold dank cell.

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    Left to my own devices, I reach for a stone. bit by Bit I make the sign.Left here in this island. SOS.

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    I left my wife with 44 children and they all live in a peanut stand and I still do left….

    what’s left of me? A hallow child.

  • The tallest tree I could set my eyes on, the redwood, in California. But I’m not in California now. I’m in Manchester. There are no redwood trees here. But there were, I’d sit underneath it’s canopy and read, and write, and read, and write. It goes on and on, in the same way the redwood’s […]