• We knew each other in the “biblical” sense of the word: we held our trysts in the kitchen of the church basement after Bible Study let out. They never did think to wonder why we were so adamant about being the “clean-up crew”.

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    Speed limits? I prefer to think of them as “speed suggestions”. And most of the time, I don’t TAKE suggestions. I do, however, check my mirrors for troopers as well as other vehicles. I am usually good about slowing down in time, too. Except once, when the trooper was in either an unmarked car or his own, on his way to work. Fortunately, he…[Read more]

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    You leave a candle burning on the window sill for me as you lay in bed, grieving. I come, but the candle does not draw me here; it is your grief that brings me. My molecules swirl around you, and the chill brings you goosebumps. You merely grumble about the draft and raise the blanket over you more snugly. My love, there is no draft. Look!…[Read more]

  • It is not the hijacking of airplanes that concerns me so much; I don’t travel. It is the hijacking of conversations. It takes me time to ruminate on a subject… to formulate my thoughts and the way in which I wish to express them. People are much too impatient for that. By the time I have decided what I want to say, the conversation has…[Read more]

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    There is something about bourbon that is different than other spirits — and I think the word “spirit” is aptly used! It has an almost malevolent effect, and I think it’s because it is distilled from corn. Corn is not digestible by humans; it is only digestible by a creature with several stomachs — say, a cow. I think this is why high-fructose…[Read more]

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    I came back in time to prevent them from meeting and failed. I tried every means to drive them apart. Now, my only alternative was murder, which would negate my very existence and create a paradox. I approached them and felt a sharp pain in the side of my head. I looked up into the balcony as I fell and recognized the sniper as myself.

  • People are always assuming that they really know me, and nowhere is this more apparent than with Christmas gifts. Never mind that I don’t even celebrate the holiday, so I don’t expect gifts in the first place. Invariably they send me wine or sweets. I am a teatotaler and I don’t eat sweets. I make no secret about these dietary quirks. This is…[Read more]

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    Let the buyer beware, indeed! We do not own what we purchase so much as it owns us. Every new gadget mires us deeper in the material realm as surely as any anchor. A simple life is no guarantee that you will develop spiritually. But it is a necessary step in order to do so.

  • Okay, people, listen up. Christmas comes EVERY DECEMBER 25, m’kay? So do your shopping beforehand. Don’t wait until the night before. Let the people who work retail for minimum wage get some rest, okay? Cheers.

  • The blast had leveled the city. The aftershock blew back my hair like a warm breeze. It wasn’t really fair that the devastation at ground zero should feel like a summer day twenty miles away.

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    Our primary quest in this life — any life, any person — is not about finding a vocation or finding riches. It is not outside ourselves. Our primary quest IS finding our true selves.

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    She went through her days as one who was in a waking coma. In avoiding pain, she cut herself off from pleasure as well. It never would have even occurred to her to ask whether this was an equitable exchange.

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    If is such a small word… yet it contains limitless possibility. Nothing without yourself can limit you; you are only limited by your own imagination.

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    I staggered into the bedroom, in the grip of a high fever. There, on the bed, his naked skin as pale as marble, lay a man who was not there… could not be there. His skin glowed with a pale fire, his black hair flowing over his back and part of the pillow. I climbed […]

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    The playground was empty, save for the little girl in the black dress who sat upon the swing, motionless, her eyes two vacant holes staring at nothing in particular in the distance. A caring person would go up to her… ask her what’s wrong. But there was something about her aspect that made me stay […]

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    The darkness in the periphery grew as we went on. Finally, I stopped my companion. “Please. Tell me what it is.” He looked at me long and hard before answering. “Your body is dying. If you do not remember the circumstances around your death before the blackness prevails, it will be too late to join […]

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    “But there IS no here,” I reminded him.


    “So how can we escape from here, if it doesn’t exist?”

    He smirked. “That is a classic example of a paradox.”

  • “Can we outrun it?” I asked.

    He shook his head. “Impossible. It will approach us at the same rate no matter where we go. We are not in a spatial plane. There is no ‘here’ or ‘there’. It will catch up with us regardless of where we are, as long as we remain here.”

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    “Are you going to tell me what it is?” I asked trepidatiously.

    “Sorry. That is not our policy.” An attempt at humor, but I could tell he was anxious as well.

    “But you know.”

    “Yes. I know. Just try to look upon it as ‘encouragement’ to get out of here.”

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    As we walked along, I thought I detected movement out of the corner of my eye. When I turned my head to look at it, the shape receded, only to come back again when I had almost thought it a visual anomaly.

    My companion gave me a sidelong glance. “You have seen it, haven’t you?”