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    The Covenant shuddered as it pulled into Vega Station. Constance Gray found herself proud that she’d held together this long. Very few ships survived a run in with the techno’s…much less managed to limp their way to a body station.

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    The stars rose among the sky of purple and blue. His arms wrapped around her middle and hauled her to the ground. It might have been a romantic embrace if the sound of her ribs cracking hadn’t been heard above the crash of tide and caw of the native wildlife.

  • Space was about forgetting. The stars were the harbingers of your thoughts. They plucked them from your mind and gave them a place to rest. At least that was how Constance felt as she stared across the discernible void waiting for the luminescence to take the images of his face from her. She needed to […]

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    the pictures flashed in front of her eyes, brought on by the booze and the headwound. To be honest she didn’t know which was worse. The montage of her life was filled with images of battle, love, and most of all her ship. Captain Constance Gray of the Covenant found herself looking at her life, […]

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    There were a great many things that Constance could abide. Profanity, strange eating habits, and the occasional bigotry. What she couldn’t abide were sideburns. The poor choice in hairstyle made her think that this mechanic had poor choice in tools and craft.

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    It was summertime. The smell of mint, jasmine, and magnolias clung to the air like a thick Southern perfume. Constance felt the scent clot her nose and stick to her skin. She wanted a shower.

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    “There’s a mole on the ship captain.” The grumble of the space orc reverberated across the metal hull.

    “You think so, Kogoth?” The captain tilted her head, looking him over.

    “Positive. Suddn’y the power went out, and the Imperium jus’ happens to stumble on us, Naw…defn’ly a mole.”

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    It was a strange feeling, to realize she’d forgotten about the most important person in her life. The Covenant had taken up all of her time; and her heart. She run her fingers across the bulkhead wondering if she could really sell it off like some piece of junkyard scrap. It was her ship after […]

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    The fuel cells shimmered in front of him. To much power and no where for it to go. Kogoth grabbed his tool and struggled to do something about the glow that could kill them all.

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    The bones were strange, longer than they should have been around the shins and the shoulders. The teeth were double what a human would have, and sharp the second set were placed behind the first. The fingers were thin, but upon testing were found to be incredibly dense.

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    She tried her best to console the child. Pulled him into her lap and whispered that the world was not so bad. It was a pretty lie. They both knew it was. But both took comfort in it, wrapped it around them like a careworn blanket to keep themselves safe.

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    The ship was an old one; barely hanging on. But her crew was an indefatigable group of outcasts held together by the strings of hope and last ditch efforts. Constance Gray was her captain, known for using her gun when she had to and words when the situation demanded it.