• She recklessly kissed her lover, as they stood blanketed by the typhoon rain, oblivious to the angry skies. Across the street, a man peaked from under his hoodie, livid and ashamed for his
    lost love. He clutched his .45 and squeezed.

  • She stared at the full length mirror just before heading out to accept her Nobel Prize. Her contributions to mankind are muted by a nagging voice telling her the striped gown makes her look fat.

  • Don Diego watched the fire engulf the house that his grandfather’s grandfather built. The flames danced on the rooftops and leapt across the carriage way to the grape vines in a graceful plie. The crops! The wine! The end.

  • The bricks started falling one after the other. She spun and bobbed screaming for her life. She couldn’t breathe. It was like the ceiling was closing in on her. She gasped as the last lop sided brick fell and the chimes rang. Tetris gained a new high score.

  • Beware the man with the disarming smile. He can command legions of the unwilling by baring his canines. He can intoxicate without letting the beholder realize her senses have been altered. He moves mountains with the curve of his lips and the arch of his brow. Such was my downfall.

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    The store crew stopped in their tracks as she walked in.  Her hair was coiffed, her suit immaculate and her long legs were burdened from a day of carrying shopping bags.  She oozed of disposable income. She […]

  • Ako si Liberty. Sabi ng tatay ko, galing ang pangalan ko sa gatas na pina-inom nila sa akin nung sanggol ako. Pero sabi nung kasama ko dito sa kulungan, ang ibig daw sabihin ng ngalan ko ay “kalayaan”. Natawa ako do’n.

  • I should not have finished a bottle of sparkling water. I felt the gas rise, anxious to escape its confines. It crawled like a snake up my throat, choking me, just as I was called to the podium. I took my time adjusting the mike, until I stopped feeling the pressure in my diaphragm. Then […]

  • She was savage. She ran through the pathways like a rabid animal, snarling at any other creature who looked in her direction. When she found the big catch of the day, she grabbed it by her teeth, as her limbs were burdened with other things — her purse, her iphone, more paper bags. Smell the […]

  • Si Lily yung anak ni Aling Elena na labandera namin dati. Magka-edad kami pero mas maliit siya, mas sakitin. Namatay siya dahil sa numonya dahil hindi siya nadala ng nanay niya sa doktor agad. Mahilig siya sa bubble gum.