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    “I’m entitled to that.”

    She was distinctly unimpressed. “No. You’re not.”

    He glared. “I want it and I will have it. It’s mine by right.”

    She sighed. How many times had this scenario played out? Too many to count, that was for sure. And every time, there was the same outcome. Him getting what he wanted, and she scolded for not giving him…[Read more]

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    He looked at her, unimpressed.

    She stared back defiantly.

    For many moments, the impasse continued, both participants stubborn and unwavering. She started to scowl, fire burning in her verdigris orbs, fists clenching at her side. He glared back, dark optics set in a determined expression. The wind began to pick up, swirling around the two…[Read more]

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    The winds howled around her, wreathing her figure in a shimmering maelstrom of icy silver rain. Blades of air sharpened by the force of their movement tore at her dress, the flimsy fabric long since soaked through yet still billowing around her legs in an imitation of soft silk. The cold had seeped into her very bones, her skin as numb and frigid…[Read more]

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    I value many things. I value my life, I value my freedom, I value my family and friends. But I think, the one thing more valuable than any other to me, is my perception of the world. It is what defines me what makes me me; it is what lets me discern issues of morality, and to navigate the webs of truth and lies. In a world where language is far…[Read more]

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    My mind is active even in sleep. To wake up is merely the decision of whether to open my eyes; no cloud of sleep fog misting my consciousness. Perhaps it is for this reason that I do not dream, even as half imagined images of rose tinted clouds and a shimmering garden of sunlight dance through my thoughts. I wonder, with a deep seated longing…[Read more]