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    Cerebral Sally set a mug down and waxed poetic, gnashed gums philosophic, but really her brain was just as empty and useless as the rest of ’em.

  • Oh mercy me, Marcie! Stop slouching like that or you’ll never catch a proper man. “But mom. I don’t want a proper man.” “You want a man who slouches like you?” “Yes, ma. A man who slouches and keeps his tie undone!”

  • The horizon screeches against a red iron sky.

  • Brittle old widows asleep sitting up sighing like relics in a forgotten museum. They demand nothing.

  • To preside over the matters of manners and things suchlike. It is unprecedented to know of the proceedings that take place between me and that there yonder president. Precious, I know.

  • Obviously we have to turn to skies, search through the chime of fireflies. Given we can endure the flickering lights.

  • I have to say that I love I love I love that thrilling thing you do, I’m honest, I haw about it when the topic comes up but believe me. Your. Your voice and that they way your words slip between your teeth.

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    He slides his hands under the water and the rocks at his fingertips powers into gold flecks and swim away. Gold smoke clouds his feet.

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    I sense a blent blathered blithely bathing of fire bestowed upon the the eyes, the ears. It is in a sense, intense.