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    “Welcome to the Dorian Institute for Talented Women! I am your tour guide. Prospective students are welcome to visit any classroom or atheletic field or court. All professors and coaches are in their designated places; if you need information in an area, feel free to ask one of them.” The creepy tour guide woman said. Why am I even here, I thought…[Read more]

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    Employer: I look around at all my employees. They enjoy life. This whimsical setting is just what they need to get out of reality. Working at a toy store is WONDERFUL!

    Employee: I hate this store. I organize everything and these stupid little kids mess it all up! This is a nightmare! Why do I have to make sure the kids aren’t climbing on…[Read more]

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    C- crazy
    O- off-the-wall
    N- new
    F- fake
    I- incredible
    G- great
    R- rockin’
    A- amazing
    T- tiny
    I- impossible
    O- overdramatic
    N- neat
    ? I have no idea…

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    In the kitchen an aroma comes forth, a smell so delightful you can’t resist. When the soup is done, all rush to the dining room where the meal is to be served. The children lips their lips with the thought of […]

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    We were at war, my neighbor and I. We couldn’t stand each other. Our friends were worried about us because we had been friends for so long and now we were enemies! I didn’t know what to do; we had to have a peace […]

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    I’ve never seen anybody with short hands, well yes i guess i have. This may look stupid but i kinda don’t know what to write for shorthand. I mean people can shorthand money i guess. But is shorthanding stealing, […]

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    I love to listen to instrumentals from certain songs. Some songs can have awful lyrics or be inappropriate and still have amazing music. I can never find instrumentals unless I’m on itunes. Maybe I should make my own music!