• The tower was tall. It probably dug itself into the earth thousands of feet. It stood, imposing, before her, and she could feel her heart pounding in her chest just looking at it. She was about to enter. It had […]

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    The scarf was pink and fluffy. It looked like a gay snake, wrapped around her neck and draped over her shoulders that way. Her beard hung down and mixed with the pink, creating what could possibly have been the gayest outfit ever.

  • I heard her speaking in the next room, but the words were muffled. I understood her sentiments, however. I heard the anger in her voice, and the hidden insecurity. Don’t ask me how I heard it–I simply knew.

  • The parallel rays of the sun were indistinguishable from this height–he could usually see each delicate, golden strand but tonight… Tonight was different. Tonight he decided to free himself from the smoggy streets of his beloved city and fly higher than he had ever gone before. It was beautiful up here, peaceful.

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    She took a left turn at the corner. She had thought it was a dead end at first, but that was before she got to the stoplight at the other end. This was where she turned off from Madison street, going about ten meters from when she started at the house.

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    Christina had been dancing at the Pink Marshmallow Hut for five years now. She had been dreaming of becoming a professional ballerina for some time, but had never plucked up the courage to quit her job and pursue her dream. She grabbed the pole on the bar and hauled herself up with a deep sigh.

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    The Kindle that Stephen King wrote about in his novella “UR” was pink. It reminded me of how Apple products always have lots of different colors to suit their different consumers’ tastes. I wonder if Kindle will ever follow in their footsteps. Because I do know some people who buy things just because of their […]

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    The green jello jiggled on the plate violently as the waitress weaved through the crowd in the packed restaurant. She held the platter gloriously over everyone’s heads, making the jello slip and slide every which way on the smooth surface of the plate.

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    The ice cream had long ago melted in her hand but still Debbie stared blankly into space. She had gone off on another day dream and, this time, she was flying somewhere over the lands of Thorgon or somewhere over Bolindiva. She never could tell the two apart.

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    The tack hung loosely from the door. From all its swinging, the little thing had gotten lose and was now about to fall to the floor. It teetered on the edge of the tiny hole it had created long ago. Just as it was about to release itself from its perch, Amy stepped in and […]

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    The cub scurried out of the prickly bush and ran to its mother, who eyed the offending plant suspiciously, its eyes narrowed. The leopardess licked the top of her offspring’s head, peeling away the small leaves stuck in its fur.

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    The mane was white with pink streaks. The fur was plastic, and so where the hooves. The eyes had been coated with varnish at the time of manufacturing. Everything about the thing was fake. But the owner… the owner was real.

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    They were floppy and yellow, perched atop the albino Santa Claus’s head in a tall, teetering column. The white fuzz around their brims blew in the cool breeze from air-conditioner.

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    She watched the blue fluid flow from one end of the hollow rectangular prism to the other. The tiny plastic fish swam from one end to the other, rocking violently as she tilted the plastic container to the left, to the right, then back to the left.

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    The red polka dots clashed horribly with the overall orangeness of the baby carriage she had bought for little Missy. But there was nothing else that could be done. Was it her fault that her brother had mistaken the color code for yellow with the one for orange?

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    The phone had been ringing continually for the past eight hours. Maria sat stiff in her bed, eyes wide open, staring dazedly out the window. She hadn’t gotten a wink of sleep. Every time she picked up the phone, there would be the same guy who had been calling her every night since Tuesday, asking […]

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    Daniel Mirello cursed when he saw the thin stripe of light growing wider and wider on the horizon. He thought he’d had more time. Already he could feel his skin tingling beneath the weak beams. He turned his red gaze toward the deer, the leather handle of the knife still sticking out of its side. […]

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    The last time I saw her was ten months ago. She had a crew cut–God knows why. She was wearing a loose black t-shirt, olive green cargo pants, and military boots. I remember thinking how much she looked like a poseur then.

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    She jolted awake and immediately tasted blood right at the spot which, upon her waking, had begun to sting. She had been gnawing on her cheek in her sleep again. She hated that. She hated the taste of blood and the sharp stinging in her mouth, in the soft flesh of her cheek.

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    The shadows converged upon her in the tiny space of the cubicle. Her small “office” had been like her second home for the past three years, but now everything made it seem as if the entire world were out to get her.