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    Pulled the hat closer over his eyes, and his collar up, shielding against the beating rain. Hoisted his bag over his should, its weight pulling him unevenly. Walked down the street to the next door. Knocked, knowing he would find yet another unwilling encyclopedia customer. Damn that internet, he thought. Damn it to hell.

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    It was the principle of the matter. No one ever said that $50 wasn’t a lot of money, but really he knew that what mattered was confirmation. Knowing that he was right, that his claim was valid, that the resolution should be, could only be, in his favour.
    He filled in the paper work carefully, blowing on the ink to hurry the drying.

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    he prepared his tie and jacket
    straightened his button hole
    brushed his hair back one more time
    and as he took a deep breath
    he looked in the mirror intently
    “husband”, he thought
    “i’ll be a husband soon”
    the door opened behind him
    the music started
    he almost ran

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    She ran and ran and came upon a great wall with red crumbling bricks and foul smelling trash arrayed across the ground and as she turned to confront her pursuer she back up against it, hands splayed across the clay, a piece falling off in her hand, rolling in her fingers, comforting and then falling away

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    And as you can see, this model features the latest in modern conveniences. The fastest load times, the quickest framework, the most up to date developments for the modern woman. Don’t look under the hood, you won’t find anything of use there. Just look at the beautiful dashboard and all the pretty buttons.
    Only $12.99!