• The Merrill Kid commented on the post, magnet 7 years ago

    You and Kathy, you’re magnets. Polar opposites and you just can’t get enough of each other. You may call it love, but ain’t as easy as that. You two fight too much and spend too much time from from each other.

  • The Merrill Kid commented on the post, science 7 years ago

    There were many types of science. Or chemistry, whatever you want to call it. Chemistry is what you have with Kathy. It is a fusion of two beings and you refuse to leave her. To leave her would cause an explosion.

  • Ma was cross with me. I had broken her trust. To hell with that, if she hadn’t disallowed me to go see Rocky, I wouldn’t have broken in any rules.

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    And then there were none. Tumble weed. The desert ablaze with the furious sun. Not a soul in sight.

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    “Oh, no!” muttered Freddie under his breath. “There goes mother’s vase!”

    Freddie immediately started shouting at Vi. She shivered slightly and trembled under his furious glare.

    He shook her, “What were you thinking?” he said. “Mother hasn’t picked a new one out yet!”

  • I scooped the sun in my hands
    Warm sunny rays
    Turning pale to bronze
    Bring brightness to the dark of the days
    Sing a loud song
    Vision a blurry haze

  • I scoop a handful of red dirt. I shift my weight onto my other leg and watch as the bats come out of their cave.