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    I went to the general store and I handed him a two-penny piece. He asked what I wanted. I asked him what I could get for two cents. He said he’d give me my piece back if I told him a joke. I said it was nice outside.

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    At the forefront of my mind I found a shitstorm of anxiety, depression, and caffeine deprivation. I was strung out on sleeplessness. Overworked, underpaid refinement in my mid twenties. In the background, crept a seeping paranoia that I would live to old age.

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    The dusty smell of worn leather and sweet hay hung like dust motes drifting through a streak of sunlight. I heard nothing at first, then a creaking of boards and heavy sigh behind the walls of his stall. He stuck his head out from behind, and I realized how alarming his size was once you got close. He was built to work, pull heavy loads, a giant…[Read more]

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    She cradled the metal pitcher in her hand, the milk shushing up the sides in rising hot froth which lifted over the mug, a small pool of black pitch and sweet crema, deftly swept up into a marbled velvet foam.

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    He’s so shallow if you tried to delve into the seas of his subconscious you would break your neck.

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    The minute she picked up and I heard her voice, I started to cry. I tried to hide my sobs behind my hand and moved the receiver so she wouldn’t hear. When all she heard was silence, she said my name. She knew it was me, she knew the number. When I had dialed the number, the tonal beeps of each number as I pressed them evoked my tenacious sense of…[Read more]

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    Promises are so ephemeral. Will it be kept? Promises, made be someone who is true-of-heart, are like gold.

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    The last part of the application asked for references. I had never had a job before, and it was only making burgers. They would never call them anyway. I gave them three names…Mr. Shen Anigan, Ms. May Ham, and Ms. Kay Ahs.

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    Any amount of sleep would deprive me of the right to have coffee, a logistical equation that is misunderstood for all time to come. The three, four, five cups a day are rising and threatening to reach Voltaire-esque levels.

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    Today it’s hard to be patient with other people. Someone knocked on my door late last night and woke me up, and now all I want to do is go back to bed to make up for lost time. I am having trouble being patient, and I also think I may end up being a patient…at a mental hospital. I am going crazy with no sleep.

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    I am determined to get up every morning. My eyes don’t always open as well as they should, my feet don’t always want to touch the icey floor, and my mind doesn’t always want to think about work, but I seem to manage all three six days a week.

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    You never mentioned you were all about the moon. You are a lumineer, a cadet, a lunar sport. You are made of stellar matter, fragments of light and energy.

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    I used to lose sports games. Now I lose my cell phone, money, my favorite t-shirt. As long as I don’t lose my mind, everything’s ok.

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    Moss was starting to cover the splintering rail line, a clay rust mottling the iron and nails. The box cars bursting with prime colored graffiti held nothing else but a few mice, sprigs of alfalfa hay, and powdery dust.

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    Sullen sunken strangers line up unshaven and dusty, slouching against the scuffed aluminum counter. Vats of viscous soups line the counter, scalding hot to dull the rotty sweetness of off-brand tin-can little-sham […]

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    I am emptying my apartment. It peels apart in layers. First I pack away the little things, the books, the coffee cups, the bobby pins on the floor. They stuff away into boxes that pile like little cities of […]

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    Trying never to hit backspace is a dadaist ideal. Never to rewind. Erase. Regret. I only wish I could hit backspace on this year. But I would not want to start over, I would want to be somewhere else.

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    There is a little old lady who sits at the desk. She wears too much mascara and it makes her eyes bright. She cries easily, and gives hugs often. She says she can’t taste or smell anything. Coffee does not have […]

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    If I could find myself totally comfortable with being so utterly myself, so raw and yet so simply me, wouldn’t it be exquisite?

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    The staples pinched the puckered red skin under her eye, swollen and blue around the edges. She thought that this was the end of her run as pageant queen.