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    He flicked his finger as if to shoo away
    a fly of just a speck of the world
    that landed on his arm at rest. It was
    a small gesture make in a packed room.

    To the people on the otherside with ink
    stained fingers, it meant something
    we will never know, they ran off to call
    and to write. The next day the papers

    all printed something about…[Read more]

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    The faint remains of a few words could be made out
    on the chalkboard. They were written over equations
    and theories of where we are to fit in the world.

    Onto pages they were copied, and into minds the seeped
    while the students listened, while their minds wandered
    through the window to the world where the birds made nothing

    that could be…[Read more]

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    We spotted him easily within the crowd. He was the one dancing to something other than the sounds of voices talking simultaeniously, over the calls of parents to the stray children and the laughter of friends and lovers. We saw him when he moved differently, like one of the voices was for him, somewhere away from the other people. We saw him…[Read more]

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    We kept on marching through the tired and the needy splayed ontop of each other on the side of the street. We had no choice. Every direction we turned more appeared as if to salute our parade forward through the streets. There was little to distinguish us from them, except that we were moving and they were still, they were begging and we were…[Read more]

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    He thought about slicing his fingers in half just so he could cover the keys, or have any hope of covering all the keys. Each time he looked at the keyboard there were more keys there they managed to sneak inbetween the ones that were the previously, between b and v and n and all the others. before he knew it what he was typing became nothing but…[Read more]

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    There is was infront of him, stretching forever, the flattened expanse of suburbia, the road, the single, or double story houses, the cars in the driveways, the lawns, the ten dollar a trim lawns, the stench of petrol and decay, and occasionally a bird flying over. He bent over and pulled at the rip chord, but nothing happened, the mower shrugged…[Read more]

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    He was there on the celing like a fly, walking around on sticky feet. I called out to ask how he got there and what he thought he was going to accomplish wandering around up there, and if he fell he was going to hrt himself a lot, the floor is a long way away in these old places. He just buzzed a little cleaned his wings with his back legs and his…[Read more]

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    All those things bitten off, chewed, absorbed, and passed through. Those little bits of life that pass like lovers or memory, or sand, unable to be kept, just passed through, unlike time that theif that take so much of us and leaves so little. Each chew is a gift of life for life.

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    He revealed everything at he doorstep like a flasher. And she smiled, invited him in saying ‘I wondered when you would realise that is all I wanted.’ He couldn’t understand what she meant, he could only wonder if this is what it felt like to be born and naked for the first time in the world, cold and shivering and looking for comfort, if this is…[Read more]

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    The stood at the stern looking out to sea. Any who saw him thought not to disturb hime because he look deep in thought as a man tends to looking out to the horizon of the sea, but if they would have walked up and touched his shoulder asking ‘what are you thinking?’ He would have responded ‘nothing, isn’t it beautiful.’ He’d been rehearsing that…[Read more]

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    It was one of those competitions where they pay real money to the winners, to the ones still standing after the band left exhausted and the record had run out of groove, and all the other competitors had left the last couple on the floor turning circles tothe echos of the music, waiting to be told to stop they had won.

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    The place was crowded as usual peolpe and voices bouncing off the walls. We decided to meet early to get through the bulk of what were the problems, but spent most of our time trying to get the pieces of each others voices untangled from the mess of the other noises all competing for the diminishing volume in the humid shop.

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    They wait in alleyways and on trains. They wait in busses and in cars, walking along the sidewalk. They wait at work beside the watercooler and in queues at restaurants, they wait and watch for somebody to go past with just what it is that they want, and on stretched legs picking their way along behind in shadow they stalk.

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    We unwound the carpet untill tere were only starnd of once what was a thing of machine enginuity and productivity. Someone at the party said that it was deconstructionism. Like all things mechanised it was a utility of home broken down to strands to be played with like a child with streamers, ‘like us’ they said ‘forced to be children forever,…[Read more]

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    It was one of those fashionable bulbs where you could stare at the filament without it burning a white dot into your vision. So you cannimagine the rest of themplace, right? Open and industrial full of people talking about important things all the time, but nothing really getting done. We decided that it was better to try and talk about things…[Read more]

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    All the lighters are out of fuel
    jambed down the side of the couch
    fallen from shallow pockets
    with no use anymore, nor before
    for anything but starting fires.

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    The sale price went up when someone mentioned ghosts. They had recently become the fashion trend of a lifetime and everyone was cashing in. Ghosts were everywhere. Unfortunately they just spent their time winging and complaining that all the mortals would leave and they would just be stuck with all the other ghosts forever, with nothing to do and…[Read more]

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    The bottle rattled in her pocket at she ran for the last train out of town. Snow had been falling heavily for days in sheets that muffled more and more of the city hourly. By lunchtime of the first day of the big fall all the surfaces were covered with such a thick layer of dampening snow that the only sounds left in the city were shrill and…[Read more]

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    The nominations wwrw countless, which led to nothing but problesm because one of the rules of the vote was not being able to vote for yourself. Ans wjen over 90% of the people were nominated the only ones left were the apathetic and the unsuitable and the mentally unstable. Not the sort of selection commitee that makes the best decisions usually.

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    The rays piled up at the door piling on top of each other creating a barrier of lighf. The inhabitants never knew nighttime again. Every time they opened the door they saw the world throughna thick filter of piled up rays, and each time they worried more about trying to keep them out rather than where the night went.