• Marie commented on the post, think 6 years, 6 months ago

    Ah, I don’t have time to think of another story. Not right now. My mind is too filled with today’s woes and tomorrow’s possibility. My story is unfinished.

  • Marie commented on the post, wall 6 years, 6 months ago

    I’ve hit a wall when it comes to thinking of what to write. Maybe that’s why I’m here. Trying to scale the wall, trying to figure out a way to pass it. So far, it is to no avail. But I won’t give up.

  • Marie commented on the post, systems 6 years, 6 months ago

    “All systems are go,” said one of the operators. The lights on the panel were intermittently flashing. Now many of the land crew were watching the screens – it was in the space team’s hands now.

  • Marie commented on the post, baby 6 years, 6 months ago

    She looked down at him with tender eyes, eyes only a mother could have. He was her first child. She never expected that she could love someone so much.

  • Marie commented on the post, politician 6 years, 7 months ago

    Politicians. It makes me think of the headache that is politics. And then I get frustrated thinking about our country’s future. But I guess, we elected them, so we get what we wanted.

  • Marie commented on the post, side 6 years, 12 months ago

    Sometimes, you have to wonder if you are on the right side. What happens if you were disillusioned the whole time? If what you were fighting for was not the pure and noble ideal that you thought it was? Sometimes, […]

  • Marie commented on the post, zone 7 years ago

    Zone defense is in basketball? Or is it football, or perhaps both? I can’t remember. I may watch sports, but many times, I don’t know the rules or what exactly is happening. But its nice spending time with others […]

  • Marie commented on the post, want 7 years ago

    I want to be finished. I want there to be an end. Yet I’m afraid there will not be. Will I be encased in this pain forever? No – this pain is but a cocoon, and when I finally break free, oh! How free I will be!

  • Marie commented on the post, assaults 7 years ago

    The assault had lasted for weeks, now, but the defenders would not give up. The enemy had camped outside the city, preventing supplies from entering. It would only be a matter of time. The captain looked out from […]

  • Marie commented on the post, key 7 years ago

    It turned out that I had the key all along. I didn’t realize it, because I spent so much time trying to figure out another escape. If I had just let my pride down, I would have gotten the key out a long time ago. […]

  • Marie commented on the post, secret 7 years ago

    I tried to keep it a secret for so long. But just like Elinor Dashwood from Austen’s novel, it was going to build up and come out eventually. Emotions can only be contained for so long, building pressure until it […]

  • Marie commented on the post, trap 7 years ago

    It’s a trap! That was his final thought before he turned around, eyes overwhelmed with fear and regret, seeing his beloved partner. Her expression was stunned as well. He collapsed, and she could only stand, horrified.

  • Marie commented on the post, methods 7 years ago

    There are so many different methods of breaking up with someone. I chose to just cut him off. I hardly even said why. I regret it, but it had to end. It was all a misunderstanding. Was that the right thing to do?

  • Marie commented on the post, props 7 years ago

    I feel like
    Just a prop
    Being used
    to make you look better
    Just an object
    Not truly your friend

  • Marie commented on the post, statement 7 years ago

    I’m not really one to make bold statements. I hate offending people. I wish people could just listen and not jump to conclusions sometimes. But if I had to make any statement today, it is this. Jesus loves you, […]

  • Marie commented on the post, gum 7 years ago

    She smacked her mouth – open, closed, open, closed – as she chewed on the bright pink bubble gum. She was trying to get attention from her parents, but they only looked at her with a scowl, insisting that she […]

  • Marie commented on the post, holder 7 years ago

    Kids never wanted to be the door holder. It was more important to be the lineleader. Both positions are important, yet for some reason, being the “line leader” stirs a sense of pride, while the doorholder must be […]

  • Marie commented on the post, instructions 7 years, 1 month ago

    The instructions were simple, yet somehow she seemed to mess it up. She always messed things up. She threw the instruction pamphlet on the floor and buried her face in her hands.

  • Marie commented on the post, patrol 7 years, 1 month ago

    He was careful to patrol every inch of the campus. Nothing ever escaped his eyes. Safety and justice were two of his greatest ambitions. Unfortunately, he was so careful never to break any boundaries, that he […]

  • Marie commented on the post, grind 7 years, 2 months ago

    Grinding. There is some expression about putting your head to the grind. I sure havent done much of that this summer! Just being lazy…all during school, I’m putting my head to the grind. Its nice to take a break.