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    the door was locked and i couldn’t figure out why. didn’t i leave it unlocked when i left before? is it possible that he was here? i rack my brain but can’t remember if i ever gave him a key or not. i fumble with mine, trying to get enough of a grip around the brass in order to slide it into the lock and make my way in. my fingers are so sweaty,…[Read more]

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    The last petals fell off of the last white rose on the last bouquet you gave me. And as I watched the last piece of hope flake off from the nearly dead flower, I felt myself wilting away as well.

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    I looked up, his eyes seemed grim. My face turned red and I turned to notice the crowd of people staring in awe and entertainment. He knew what he had done. He should have felt proud and strong considering the […]

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    All of a sudden it hit me like a ton of bricks. The epiphany I had long awaited and searched for. It blew my mind that it took so long to appreciate such a simple thought; I was a good person, and I liked who I was. And that was it. That was my epiphany. […]

  • The town was nothing but rubble now. Pieces of wood, concrete, metal, and all other materials all throughout the streets. Where could this piece have come from? That building, or that one. The destruction was heartbreaking, and I was devastated that my city was ruined. But the worst part was that I was completely alone.

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    *beep-bloop-beep* “We’re here,” he said in his monotonous voice as I stepped from the chrome doors. That was the way to get around these days. Transporting. Weird right? I guess it was expected, though, what with the iPods and cell phones and what not becoming obsolete, some new, great technology had to introduce itself sooner […]

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    I sit silently and muse, sweat dripping down my forehead stinging my eyes. I wipe it away with my big coat jacket. Why am I sweating when it’s freezing out here and everything underneath my jacket is almost icy? Because the words coming out of the headphones are haunting me, and I can’t help but […]

  • I hear the rain pitter-patter on the roof of my summer home, the thunder crashing and the lightning strike. I feel uncomfortable, lonely, and out of place. I’m worried that Jack won’t make it back from the grocery store safely, and I’ll be left here alone indefinitely. It’s raining harder now, and I’m pacing the […]

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    I fell ill. Suddenly everything felt like it was done. I was done. My world was done. But the day you got off that plane and game back to me, I got better. Now everything’s new and exciting. You are my savior. I will forever be in your debt. I love you.

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    I took the ticket from the woman’s hand and continued on towards the rides, games, and fun that awaited me. I had looked forward to this day all year; the day I got to return to the Seaside Boardwalk. And finally… that day had come.

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    It smelled beautiful in that violet room. I didn’t know what it was and I didn’t plan to figure out. I just always loved the smell. I would sit in there for hours and just breathe. Then I remembered life was still out there and it was time to do something productive. Mom would tell […]

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    Violent. I wasn’t really a word to describe any part of my life… at all. I was living happy. That is, until my parents divorced and my mother began dating. Her new husband, and my new “step-father” has filled my life with nothing but violence. Not only violence, but secrecy. What do you think? That […]

  • In a room crowded full of people, I could’ve been screaming through a megaphone and no one would still have heard me. That’s when I realized I was completely alone, and always would be.

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    I put the last thing into the cardboard box and went to turn off the light. before I did I took one last look at my now empty room. The one thing left on the dusty shelves was my trophy from back in the day. it gave me flashbacks on how good and simple life […]

  • I dropped the cigarette to the floor. Crushing what was left of its burned up ashes. It washed away in the stream of water that fell from the dripping gutter above me. I looked up, and he was there. Saying everything he really needed to with one look. He turned away from me, and asked, […]

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    I can’t believe he left me here with all these chores, again! I’m not your slave, dad. And if I’m going to be forced to do all these things I think I deserve at least a monetary reward. Or at leas some money for food after you leave me here alone all day. Ugh… my […]