• The challenge was mountainous. She gave no indication of meeting any of my needs and seemed only concerned with her own selfish desire to talk, talk, talk. She should find a different Sherpa.

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    Please don’t leave me, I’m on my knee asking you to marry me.

    I see I have your attention now
    and suddenly I can only wonder how
    I will ever survive the loneliness devotion to someone who does not truly love me will cause me.

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    I vant to alone, rally I do. Be a Darlink and bring me the Vode-ka vould you?

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    The kids had run out of the house and I was cleaning up after dinner. My Husband Ralph was sitting in the living room, as was his habit, watching the news while I busied myself in the kitchen. This was my time to have solstice; The kids and him out of my hair, my time to be alone.

    I rubbed the counter with a rag and saw the small dot on the…[Read more]

  • The darkness and vapor, like steam, over the rough water hid our port side perfectly. The light from the harbor made the stern stand out in the waves. We had been aboard the sub for 8 days now and were getting claustrophobic, and on each others nerves. The siren blared with the commanders bellowing “Battle Stations!”, over the intercom. We all…[Read more]

  • It was easy to see the influence Drake had in his work. The sweeping lines, the use of bright colors and the sheer size of the pieces had distinct similarities to the earlier and much acclaimed post-serial killer crime scene photos.

  • The substance is easily derived from the boiling concoction. First it must be passed through a filter made from a sheep’s bladder filled with the neck hair from a Spotted Norwegian mole, harvested during a full moon in late fall. The reduced crystalline powder, dissolved in female deer urine and inhaled while boiling, makes toe hair grow quite…[Read more]

  • Thick and glistening in the shadowy light the tendrils were covered in a thick outer skin with veins and ribs running under the skin surface like a long twisted finger, wrapped tightly around his throat.

  • She was willful. There were two kids and a cat at home that needed her. She looked up at the hot sun, blistering her face and lips. What the little moisture her body could muster small sparse drops of sweat formed on her cheek. Slowly she got up, hunched, stumbling and continued to walk forward to what she hoped was civilization.

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    If god does not exist what would we do? How would we control each other with fear and superstition? How would we justify killing, maiming, and raping our enemies, taking what is theirs, in his good name? I know what I want to exist, and it is love, tolerance and democracy.

  • The dogs ran wild up the hill ahead of me, nothing seen but their tails dancing atop the grains waving in the breeze. I pushed myself hard to try and keep up. The mountain side flowed from the flat meadow we left, up the grassy hill, finally ballooning into the vast overhang of rock and grass under the mountain top above.

  • Caring is a dangerous game. Letting her in the car and not knowing where she had been, the fact she wouldn’t even talk about, it unsettled me. Her urgency to get to the bank seemed nothing more than a hideous decoy for the awful things she must have done the week before. I don’t know where the money came from.

  • He blamed her for the gnawing pain he felt. Every morning when he woke, saw her name on junk mail, or vacuuming that rug she insisted they buy, the one he still loathed but could not part with, he thought of her and ached. Ever since that day on the salt flats, desperate for water, fearing he would never make it back to the city, he promised…[Read more]

  • I feel like I have arthritis of the mind today. The fun of the weekend and lack of sleep have resulted in a calcification of my thoughts today. Now moving from one idea to the next is slow and laborious, like an old man stepping through a set of tires. Slow, painful, and laborious.

  • Shells exploded all around us. A spray of raining sand showered into our fox holes from a percussion nearby that jolted me to my spine. An occasional scream or cry for help drifted in the air, unseen through the fog of smoke, dust, and stunned confusion.

    A butterfly on a stone at the bottom of our hole lit on a rock and calmly closed its…[Read more]

  • Shell exploded all around us. A spray of raining sand showered into our fox holes from a percussion nearby that jolted me to my spine. An occasional scream or cry for help drifted in the air, unseen through the fog of smoke, dust, and stunned confusion.

  • The condom tumbled out of his pocket as he emptied the coins on the table. We all stood there dumbfounded staring at the crinkled wrapper. He picked it up and place it in his pocket, smiled and walked away a little taller than he was before.

  • Off they went as pairs, disappearing into the cave’s darkness. The white dresses they wore dampened on the bottom from the grass and water in the cave floor. The echoes of the choir came from the cave as if originating in the depths, where the couples would remain forever.

  • My wrath was complete. I finally took off the kit gloves and did not hold in my feelings. I no longer had fear of loosing her or what I might say was wrong. It felt good to at last be myself and not reserve my feelings because I was unworthy or undeserving of my own feelings.

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    In the midst of the blackout he started running across the prison yard in a desperate explosion of sweat and breath. The darkness partial hid his attempt to flee when his left shoestring caught under the man next to him. The stir of dust and his grunt on the ground were lost in the sound of sirens.