• glowing objects are really cool i think. What if everything in the world glowed,i mean sure it would get old but it would also be pretty awesome. I like things that glow when they blow up.

  • console is a word that i have no idea what it means if i did i would tell you. Maybe when i get off one word and i’m still wondering i will get an the internet dictionary, most likely not though.

  • eyeliner is a type of make up that girls use to make themselves more beautiful. I think eyeliner is not good for your skin cause when my sister takes hers off i think her eyes look better that way and also i hear its made out of all kind of stuff. I wonder what girls […]

  • dinosaurs are really weird reptiles. They are all extinct except for the alligator i think. What if dinosaurs came back to our present day. Would it be a miracle or a horror

  • florescent colors are really cool. If every thing was florescent life would be easier for some reason. Ponder that thought

  • trailer is something that that the movie industries make before a movie comes out. It can also be some thing you haul goods in or on. Or maybe it can be a non-permanent living space. But could a trailer be more, Let me ponder that thought.

  • intersections are things were cars can pass through. Usually in an intersection there is four stop lights or stop signs. Theses are made to keep people safe, and save lives, if someone follows the laws and stops. Im fourteen and when i get my license i will do my best to follow all traffic laws. […]

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    robots are used for everything or almost every tech, item we see and use today. You got your computer and your coffee machine everything you can think of. We are so advanced today thats it’s unimaginable

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    me and my brother are socialy connected. We talk all the time. Almost every week i call him at least two times. I love talking about things wih my brother , we talk all the time and i plan to keep it that way.

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    someone’s purpose in something is what they want to accomplish. My purpose in life is to fight for my country and my family. Ever since i was little i wanted to be in the army, and i feel like thats what god wanted me to do.

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    executive is a word that i have no idea of the meaning. What does it mean like high power or something. i just don’t know when i get off one word i’m going to google it.

  • go figure, my mom was telling me this just last night because i told her i was tired and wanted to sleep. Well i cant really think of anything to talk about and i’m out of time peace out.

  • bees are so annoying all they do is get in your cold soda on a summer day. The first time i ever got stung by a bee i cried, but you cant blame me i was only 3 years old.

  • specific detail is what my teacher said when i got in trouble. I told him over and over again that i didn’t do it but he didn’t believe me. Oh well he doesn’t have to, i know i didn’t do it.

  • cheap things are sometimes good but sometimes bad. When i get cheap stuff it always breaks but since its cheap i can get more of whatever it was. But you might as well get the expensive thing the first time to avoid losing money.

  • you go to them to get your hair cut. When i go to get my hair cut my barber knows me pretty well. I like my barber because she is cool and pretty nice. My barber is good at cutting hair, she does mine perfect every time.

  • mangos are so good. I love mangos, whenever i taste a mango i love how its so sweet and juicy. When my mom buys mangos at the store and brings them home i eat them before anyone els can have them.

  • have you ever been tangled in your bed sheets when you wake up in the morning, its terrible. When i woke up today i was tangled in my sheets and it took me forever to get out, i hate being tangled in my bed sheets.

  • there are many types of flares, there is the flare gun the flare that comes off a firework. All types of flares for different things. My dad keeps a flare gun in his car in case of emergincies, if thats how you spell it.

  • microphones are used foe a bunch of things but mainly to amplify the sound of something. Cell phones have microphones in them to make the voice on the other end louder.