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    A lot of people always ask me, “what do you do?” Years ago I’d say that i shot cinema-looking films with a documentary backbone. That didn’t work and confused a lot of people. So now, I have distilled it down to “I tell stories of peoples struggle with neurology – specifically narcolepsy.

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    Ever since I was a kid, I loved going outside in the summer months. In the morning, I could hear the wind gusting, the silent echo of the mountains and the swaying of the trees. I miss those days where just enjoying the simple sounds of nature brought enough wonder in my life.

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    One of my best friends had always said I mixed two writing styles to make my own. I didn’t really understand what he meant until one day he put it into perspective. Suddenly, I understood that being trained in the classical sense but weaving in my own practical style had been part of the transformation as a journalist.

  • And there she was, just sitting out in the open like nothing had happened. She and it became best friends through magic. They had been making spells and stirring potions. They had eventually transformed into wizard and witch and there was nothing anyone could do to stop them.

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    No matter how many times we tried, they always said no. It’s a bitch of disease. We tried every which way and researched new treatments. The doctors scratched their heads and we cried. The problem was that under the American healthcare system, we didn’t qualify for assistance with Narcolepsy.