• Is anything really possible?
    That is what Max did not know.
    Max is the other part of Zerak the man behind the Mask.
    Max is the lion in the cage, the man in the woods, the Wanderer, the out lander.
    The only one who has truly seen his face is his father and the one he truly loves who is different from the others like……… me. She fills…[Read more]

  • I’m not the most Scientific person in the world
    ,but when it came to grades i achieved my goals.
    I was more of a English kind of guy ,but not because it way easy nor hard.
    The best thing about it though was my spectacular teacher!!!


  • Do you know what it means to be accused?, asked the Lion
    Only when lie’s are made, said the Man
    So you have never done anything wrong in your life?, asked the lion
    Yes but never accused of doing anything wrong till… now
    then you must see the other side of Mankind for yourself!, said the lion ( with his loud roar )

  • I was often the outsider
    the out-lander
    the one who basically never fit in with my piers
    called names like loser, weirdo, and monster.
    Of course i didn’t care because only one knew who i really was, but only to an extent
    here’s a hint she is in my 6th hour. The only problem is she won’t let me in, for me to tell her how i truly feel about…[Read more]

  • There I was falling in my endless nightmare or so it seemed, Literally falling from the seventy two Story building which wasn’t even the spectacular part of my day. No its probably the least bad thing that had happened to me today like me losing my girl to a Mutant freak who kidnapped her and wants to get back at me for destroying his lab. So your…[Read more]

  • Grenade, Love, Hate, Explosion, Sympathy, Sorrow, and Death.