• mauveone commented on the post, costume 9 years ago

    I had a knitted bathing costume, my mum said I looked geat. I went in the sea, had a good time. When it was time to come out, Oh dear! My knitted bathing costume’s crotch, hung down to me knees.

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    Teddy the bear was the nick name given to my brother in law, he was a big man with a big personality. Hard working, hard living, hard drinking. Always a laugh, with a string of jokes and gags, better than any comedian. Nobody can fill the void left when “the Bear” sadly died too young.

  • mauveone commented on the post, sunlight 9 years ago

    We have had lots of sunlight today, I have had two lines of washing
    hanging out. All the washing has got dried.

    I have also been pruning bushes, hoeing the border, all because the sunlight encouraged me outdoors.

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    I have been with my grandson today, he sure can chatter, about his swimming, swum a length of the baths today for the first time. He has had the fire brigade visiting his school to tell the children what to do if a fire starts in their house. His cousin has birthday soon, his friend […]

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    Left, left, left, right, left. Are you left handed or right handed? Is life more difficult for left handed people. My left handed son thinks so.
    Me, I just think he has a chip on his shoulder.

  • mauveone commented on the post, walk 9 years ago

    We go walking with a “Walking for Health” group at our local stately home. Some Fridays’ there can be forty people walking in the estate parklands. The best bit has to be the coffee and chat afterwards, while we rest our aching feet and get our breath back.

    Waking is good for you!

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    Buildings, old or new. Large or small, they are all over. Some are good to look at, some are not.We use buildings for habitation

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    We watched a lady sitting with her feet in a tank of water, full of litte
    fish swimming about, they are supposed to nibble the dry skin off
    the bottoms of your feet. The leaflet says it tickles. Can a diet of dry skin be a good diet for fish that swim ???

  • mauveone commented on the post, swimming 9 years ago

    Swimming, swimming in the swimming pool. Splishing, splashing in the warm water. Swimming up and swimming down, on our fronts and on our backs. Climbing out and jumping in. Sitting swinging legs, making lots of noise and spray, sliding back into the water, diving down to the bottom. We have had a happy hour, time […]