• I am a part of a Western system, Western democracy, Western victim, part of the hipocrisy. I profess to contest global warming but I drive an SUV and leave the lights on in the morning. I’m the worst. I feel good when I recycle but I’m buying up these plastics ’cause I’m caught up in this cycle, –immersed– in a culture that I feel is run by…[Read more]

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    Black fluid crept up his hand, writhing like slimy creature up his arms, reaching long slimy tendrils, crawling toward his shoulder as if it were alive. The world spun, an eerie incandescent glow the same shade and texture of the journal pages. The ink was to his neck now, and his hand went fluid, dissolving into ink itself. He stared for a long…[Read more]

  • The long table of the dining hall was set for a feast, a decadence which the impoverished city could hardly afford, but which had become a routine lately in the halls of Palace of King Brand.

  • It was an historic day for the new orleans saints. A rookie quarterback by the name of McDaniel has taken them all the way. Where did he come from, this superstar-in-the-making? A relative nobody, he was drafted in the 7th round by a team that was struggling to make the playoffs. Fast-forward 6 months, 16 regular season games and 4 post-season…[Read more]

  • If you ever find yourself lost in the mores of your society
    allowed your cultural decorum to dictate your sense of propriety
    relied on your parents or your guardian or church
    to provide you with your goals or your desires or your piety
    then you’re allowing society to change your mind
    not using your mind to change society

  • Where flesh meets flesh, we embraced. The two of us, on the doorstep of your parents home. Where soul meets soul, we spoke. The two of us, in a world of our own. We shared the same desires – to live, to see more of this world, to go where we weren’t; to love one […]

  • “It seems to be a ferrous alloy of some sort…” “What?” “It has Iron in it” “Then why didn’t you just say that, why did you say ‘hmmm… myes Watson, it seems to be some sort of fairess alloy, mhm.” “Because then I wouldn’t have been able to impress you with my knowledge of basic […]

  • Somewhere, a twig snapped. Ellen stopped. Her heart skipped a beat. These forests were dangerous at night, and the dark was quickly falling. The shadows made perfect cover for predators and bandits. Still holding her breath, Ellen tip-toed behind a tree in a low crouch, and pursed her lips as the stubbed her toe on […]

  • “They call him Jimmy the barber.”
    “because he’s a fucking barber genius. why do you think?”
    “that’s it?”
    “Yeah, that’s it. That and because he kills people with a straight razor.”

  • Emily stood transfixed, miniature hands planted mere inches away from her heart’s greatest desire. Something annoying was niggling at her ears, but she ignored it, intent on Jedi-ing to herself her prize. The amazing prize. It promised to be the most delicious thing she would ever taste, EVER, and she would soon have it in […]

  • When I was a child my mum took me to the zoo. We went straight to the tiger exhibit, because, as I recall, my mum knew that tigers were my favorite animal at the time and she wanted me to see the tigers first. I’m not exactly sure how she knew this, but I imagine […]

  • Coppery light trickled into the chamber from the doorway, casting a warm glow across the cobblestone floor of an old, forgotten room at the back of Ra’alethereal’s great library. A shadow cast across the floor, the shadow of a man in a hooded cloak. He held a torch. The air smelled stale, as if the […]

  • “Good evening Charles.” An overly polite voice echoed across the enormous lobby. Charles turned around to greet his old friend as he descended a great marble stairway, accompanied by perhaps the most elegant woman he had ever seen. He knew her face from somewhere, but he couldn’t put his finger on it. He turned his […]

  • Oneword.com, you are a service that encourages the mental health of people everywhere. You provide us with the opportunity to exercise the portions of our mind that are responsible for creativity, speech, thinking ahead while writing, and grasping for words within our vocabulary. By doing these things regularly our social lives become much easier,…[Read more]

  • Science is poorly understood by the public, it always has been. Science is not a mere compilation of facts. In fact, Einstein was quoted to have said “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” And I think if you look at his record and what he was able to able to accomplish with his imagination that […]

  • I wake up each morning and act the gentleman. Dry cleaned suit. Buffed up shoes. I check my briefcase and strap it tight before I leave, coffee in hand. I walk the distance to the bus stop and upon arrival I check my watch. Like clock work. I sip my coffee. She is there again. […]

  • I dreamt last night of your pale skin illuminated under the starlight. Of the gentle curve of your face, the sharp angles of your thin frame. I thought of your embrace. How when I brace you in my arms I am surprised by how little is there, by your lightness in my arms. I want […]

  • He went through the ropes. Kicked back the kickstand. Checked the brakes, revved the engine. He could feel his pulse slow, beat… beat… beat… He knew every corner, every shikane, every bump on the track as if it were a part of him. He kicked the bike into gear, twisted the throttle and pulled his […]

  • Edmond stood at the forefront of a long procession of hired fighters. Most of them were bloodied and bruised, all of them were dirty. Edmond knew that he should be feeling something overwhelming. He marched to war as a slave and watched his master speared through the head in front of his own eyes. He […]

  • Clash is a very charged word. It brings to mind an array of grand, opulent images of clashing titans, swords thranging together in the heat of battle, ideals being traded and smashed in a clash of words. To clash is not only to oppose, but to oppose violently, vehemently and intensely. A dispute may take […]