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    Wasn’t this yesterday’s word?
    That is the question.
    Whether it is nobler in the mind to repeat yourself, or to take arms against a sea of repetitions, and by opposing, have no effect.

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    “There’s nothing to do.” Jamie whined.
    “You’re complaining.” said Jensen. “That’s something.”
    “Lets walk to the park, or something.”
    “No. If I’m going to be bored I’m going to be bored in comfort.”

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    “MRS.HUDSON!” he roared.
    She scampered from the room, and he lifted his eyebrows as the idea hit him.
    “Hau…” he breathed. “Hau!” He clapped.
    He had it.

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    “I spent last Christmas there, at the Powell Estate with-”
    He cut himself off, and Donna saw him stiffen, as if from a pain in his stomach.
    “Anyway,” he said, briefly. “gone now.”

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    “Stay back, human. You don’t know what you’re dealing with.”
    To her surprise, Artemis nodded.
    “You know what? You are correct. I should not be doing this.” he said.
    And then the book became much shorter.

  • “My life is….a cookie.” said Sarah. “You bake it, and bake it in the academy of learning, and it might’ve been sweet, but I baked too long, and now I’m all….icky.”
    “You’re a good drunk story teller.” said Dean.

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    My heart was stuck in this prison, all my inspiration locked into this one idea. All I wanted to do was write about IT, but I hadn’t even seen it yet! Nothing else would appease the hunger. “When will Supernatural get here?” I moaned to the mail slot.

  • “That’s redonkulous.” said Scott.
    “How?” Rarudle said, bluntly.
    “They’re currently innocent, for one.” said Scott. “Just because they’re going to massacre our people in the future does not mean we have the right to massacre them now.”

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    “Wipe that smirk off your face!” It was the second time he’d said it, also the second time he’d yelled at the cast. He was furious that he didn’t have their respect, furious at /them/, when he should be mad at himself. You shouldn’t have to get obedience by throwing a tantrum like an abusive […]

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    “OH MY GOSH!” said Hamlet. “Did you see how huge that butterfly was?”
    “Seriously?” Horatio said. “You’re all philosophical-deep-speech, and then look-at-the-pretty-bug? Honestly, your attention hangs by a thread.”

  • Joe looked over to see the straight-from-Austen young man staring at the t.v. with an open mouth.
    “What is this show entitled again?” asked Dunsten.

  • “Do you discover any new planets?” Amy asked.
    “Oh, all the time.”
    “And do you make any money off of it?”
    “What?” said the Doctor, bewildered. “Of course not! I don’t /tell/ anyone I’ve discovered them. You humans have to do /something/ for yourselves, don’t you?”

  • “Horatio the Scholar doesn’t have all the answers?” said Hamlet, plopping down on the bench. “Shocking.”
    “…Actually, it isn’t.” said Horatio. “I believe it’s a quite famous philosophical conundrum. You see-”
    “NO!” Hamlet covered his ears. “You know I hate philosophy!”

  • “Life is a highway!”
    “No.” my brother said, firmly, and reached for the iPod’s cord.
    “It’s my turn to choose the tunes!” I protested.
    “And it’s my car.” said he. “So put on something worthwhile, or out it goes.”
    He settled for ‘I Just Can’t Wait To Be King’.