• paul mundane commented on the post, keychain 8 years ago

    the keychain was heavy, what filled with keys and all. Most of them were useless; old house keys to old houses. Dropbox keys to long abandoned dropboxes. Still, he never got rid of them. You never knew when you may need to lay low and crash. Old homes and older identities.

  • paul mundane commented on the post, barber 8 years ago

    just a bit off the top Jerry, I comment as I climb into the chair. The old men look up from their chess boards for a moment, but pay little attention. I’ve been coming here since I was two, and probably will keep on till I die.

  • paul mundane commented on the post, bench 8 years ago

    Back to the bench with you, I shouted at the empty pitcher. With a wave, and a friendly thank you, we saw the dead soldier replaced. Three in, we were finally ready to talk business.
    So, I began. When are you going to marry my sister?

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    The mango trees were in bloom; a nice orange flower. At least I assumed they were mango trees. I made my guess as it seemed the fruit for such a remote island, and I just assumed that coconuts didn’t bloom.