• She was not afraid that her home had a haunt. It was an old home, and she could feel the spirits there, and knew they were happy with her presence.

  • Her coat was wrapped tightly around her as if her life depended on it, as the wind whipped around her legs she didn’t remember ever being so cold.

  • As her back was turned from the punch bowl her boy friend took her cup and spiked her drink. His eyes were sparkling with mischief.

  • She cursed the day she had to run for her life with her two children, for she knew her life would never be the same. And it never was…

  • My boyfriend is magnificent, and I knew that he was worth the wait because he has made my world beautiful and I feel young again.

  • She went to the bank to see if she was eligible for a loan. But her credit score was just below the required limit.

  • Across the globe there is famine, destruction, fear, and much I cannot say in sixty seconds. But with the help of everyone we can make a change.

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    She sat on the hill as the sun rose watching the red tail hawk soar upon the winds. Her own heart soared with the bird wishing she could also fly.

  • Her heart was pressing on her chest, and it’s beat was growing stronger each day for this man she loved. She could feel him even though he wasn’t there, and she knew he was the one she wanted, and who she would continue to wait for no matter what.

  • She was devastated to find out that her life would never be the same when she lost her job as a nurse due to her spinal surgery. But she knew that she would go on and find a new life, because she was a survivor.

  • She sat on the porch of the log cabin and wiped the dark grey slate with the sleeve of her shirt before she began her new lesson of numbers that her grandma was about to give her. Anxious to begin, yet also anxious to be done so she could run and play with her friends.

  • It is by his mercy that we live everyday. We should not take any day for granted, but cherish each moment with those we love.

  • She stirred her finger in her glass and watched the olive twirl around and around. She had no idea why she ordered the martini, but she knew she wanted that green delicacy when it was done.

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    To miss someone is the worse feeling in the world. It tells you how you truly feel because it gives you the time you need to really think and analyze your feelings for them. But it can also be the best, because it makes everything more clear.

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    I miss him so much. I have missed him since that night we said goodbye over fourteen months ago, and I am waiting for the day when I will no longer have to.

  • She cut the rose bush down to the ground thinking it was done. But come Spring she saw a regrowth that showed her that new life was bursting forth giving her hope for the future.

  • She always knew that smoking was bad, and heard that it would stunt her growth and many other things,… But watching her Mother pass from it was the reality that shook her, and as a Nurse she knew smoking did much more.

  • During her life she has had many a stunt pulled on her by different people, but over time learned how to spot a stuntman.

  • She bit into her cracker and it was stale, but her hunger didn’t mind. It was so good she closed her eyes and savored it’s chewiness

  • She was beyond herself as to what to do with her situation. Should she continue her wait for the man she loved? Or move on hoping he would finally show up to claim her.