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    There was only silence when I told her and then she bent over in her chair keening and daviting quietly. I went to her and rested my hand on her shoulder. She shrugged it away. It was over

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    I wanted to plead that I had nothing to do with it. My instinctual reaction was one of cowardice. But the truth was, I had acquiesced, I had done nothing. I had, by being silent, been responsible and now I was involved and choosing to be gutless one more time.

  • The tyranny of the thermometer took over are lives in the winter of 2015 New York returned to weather I had experienced when I first came to the country. The cold penetrated our apartment and overwhelmed our sad prewar radiators

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    The word resonates with me. He was a difficult and brilliant man. Unfortunately, his brilliance did not extend to parenting and I, after many years, have spent too much time on the couch as a result.

  • Unhealthy is how my doctor described as I dressed after my checkup “You might get lucky and dodge the obvious middle age concerns, but you’re playing roulette”. My childhood had just ended at 43

  • I looked in the mirror surprised at the middle aged man looking back. I still felt like a kid but the unhealthy image told otherwise. Changes were needed

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    Money, can be the grease that can open up new avenues in life. It rarely delivers pleasure when directed solely towards self gratification.