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    Her copper hair spilled down in waves, obscuring her face. She stalked across the room, leaving blood in her wake. The message was clear – make a path or she would make one herself. The smell was thick, already, the burning, choking fumes overpowering as Seth stood on one side of the room, the staff […]

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    Daniel quickly sketched out a diagram on the piece of paper that he had in his bag. “Okay, so it looks something like this,” he said, turning it to Emery. “Have you ever seen anything like that?” Emery let out a low whistle. Yeah, he’d seen something like that, although he’d wished he could say […]

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    “Seriously?” Emery asked?

    “Apparently,” Daniel replied, voice sounding absent.

    “Well that’s lousy.”

    “Yeah, I guess so.” Daniel didn’t seem to annoyed about it, but Emery was.

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    It was always like this. One day they were the best of friends, the next day, Shui was so intolerable that Seth just wanted to punch him in the face. And on the worst days, Seth just couldn’t resist the urge. Blood flowed down Shui’s face. For a minute, he grinned, licking the blood away […]

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    “Hey, what’s this one for?” Worth asked Lamont, eyeing a small box that Lamont had left on top of a stack of other boxes that were decidedly not intended as part of Worth’s delivery. “Not for you,” Lamont told him. Worth opened the box anyway. “Elixir? Who the fuck still…” “…and that’s enough,” Lamont interrupted, snatching […]

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    Wiping the mud from his boots, Ezio stepped into the room proper. It wouldn’t do any good to track it across the fine marble floor. Looking to his left he smiled, seeing a half-finished painting. Leonardo had been working on something. As he stepped over to get a closer look, the artist wandered back into […]

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    The gong sounded, harsh and loud in the peaceful quiet of the monastery, but no one reacted as though it were frightening or alarming – it was expected. Subject 16 tensed, but pulled back, allowing the one whose eyes he was seeing through to move on his own without influence. There would be a time […]

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    Jack wrapped his arms around Ianto, pulling him close. “It’s alright, baby,” Jack whispered, burying his face in the other man’s hair. “It’s alright.”

    Ianto said nothing, clinging to Jack like a lifeline, eyes tightly closed.

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    “What does it feel like?” He asked, eyeing me carefully.

    The leather was firm against my neck. I turned to him, eyes turned down and averted from his face and smiled for the first time since I could remember.

    “Like I belong.”