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    softly the feathers
    ruffle in the summer wind
    black bird flies away

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    There is nothing that brings joy when one is filled with fury; and yet, despite Potter’s insolence, the corner of Snape’s mouth tugs upward into a faint smile of amusement. Perhaps, he thinks, the boy can be taught humility. Taught to be less like his father and more like his mother. He has her eyes, […]

  • Hello, Pretty. I know things are rough for you right now, but I love you. Hang in there, all right? Things will find a way of working themselves out, and someday soon we’ll have the chance to have our own crazy adventures together instead of just talking about what the future might possibly hold. The […]

  • The first time I went to a funeral, I was thirteen going on fourteen. My grandfather had just passed away after a heart attack, and it was one of the worst experiences of my life. I remember going up to the casket to see him, his face looking strange and rubbery, fake with a giant […]

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    Their family tartan was a mixture of reds and grays and greens, a cloth worn by generations and generations before him. Today was different than many other days, however; it was very rare for Ian to put on a kilt, but he would make an exception today as he stood together with his uncles, brothers, […]

  • The dark green matte board was covered with the remains of white chalk, places where worlds were discovered, kingdoms created and destroyed, wars were started and won — and lost. And never once had the old chalkboard failed its owner, who had been teaching in that same classroom, using that same chalkboard for nearly thirty […]

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    The radio played “Any Way You Want It” in the background of the overcrowded bar, full of rednecks and rockers and professionals who were ready for the weekend. “Two beers, please,” he called over the sound of a group of already-tipsy middle-aged woman singing along with Journey to his left. He paid the bartender in […]

  • Adjusting the backpack slung over his shoulder, Grant surveyed the landscape before him. Old and worn out, it was rugged, vicious, full of strange landscape formations and teeming with creatures that were no doubt as scared of him as he was of them — yet ready to strike at a moment’s notice. This would be […]

  • A stack of pictures strewn across the hardwood floor; memories from a life shared between two loves as the days and years rolled by. The montage of photos brought a tear to his eye as aged fingers lifted a wedding photo from the pile. She was gone now, but never forgotten.