• inabilities plague the malcontent of the soul
    stepping backwards without feet to stand on.
    lovely dreams of the agonizing understanding
    gathering together the irreparable damage
    one does not leave the bedside

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  • i wanted everything from the start
    thoughts justified by definition of the heart
    everything cant always be fair and true
    but thats facts in life not nonsense i spew

    justice doesnt come for everything thats justify
    and something complicated wont always simplify
    death in the morning mirrors births in the evening
    so good vibes in your…[Read more]

  • All i ever wanted was to be accepted, but this worlds so unforgiving and nothing i expected. They put the veil over our eyes till we walk and graduate then the send us unarmed in a world full of hate.

    Everywhere there are black hearts and cold souls, you get cast aside if you dont do what your told. In these times you cant teach new tricks to…[Read more]

  • as life become one giant pool of suffocation
    the water filling my lungs, drinking it in desperation
    i tried to find a way to swim to the surface
    but i guess the ocean bottom is what i would worship

    to find a way breathe the air
    into the dark abyss i longingly would stare
    what a conundrum to want drown but also breathe
    i guess the mind is…[Read more]

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    Gently placed hand on my shoulder
    with the warmth and support that i need
    to build up toward the sky where there
    is a limit that i need to push past.

    believing in myself can be hard
    i’m not one to stand my ground most of the time
    i just carry myself through life
    and hope that my cry will be heard if even uttered

    Reaching out for…[Read more]

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    get the fork out
    olive my life how i want
    no chedda for ya boi
    if he’s gonna be a fondouche

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    reptilian appendages discarded in the leaves
    a figure of a skeleton, not hearts worn on the sleeves

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    skeleton vines reach out to the side
    for a short time mingle, intwined
    til the prune peels back the bark, where i hide

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    the protection of a barrier,
    when osmosis could be scarier

    the lining of my cells,
    like no where in hell

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    I naturally walk at an uneven pace, not because my legs are different sizes.
    For then all I’d need, a pair of shoes in which I’d comfortably stride in.

  • i could have seen it coming.
    i could have tried to stop
    but i couldn’t seem to do it
    the inevitable i put off.
    i gathered all my energy
    and tried to follow through
    but in the end the trails i left
    were windy and askew
    i could of taken one way
    but chose the other path
    footstep after footstep
    and the unwavering wrath
    of all the…[Read more]

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    A place where shores crash into walls
    Of mountain that rise tall
    To the occasion.
    It’s all an event.
    Isn’t it?
    We are told to broaden our horizons,
    Yet we can not be grateful with the horizons we have.
    Why broaden when we can be content.
    To expand with greed,
    To take advantage.
    All of which to be labeled as an act of humanity
    And self…[Read more]

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    to retreat is to escape
    the worries, the lies
    to find comfort
    in that which does not exist.
    we look for retreat because
    we crave stability
    and with out that anchor
    we will sink.
    Escape reality.

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    curved inwards,
    concave cacophony of cries
    don’t ever let it reach your eyes

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