• Stamped out from your heart is how you treat me
    Do you care so little about us
    About what we shared?
    Instead you’re acting like we never met,
    two lost little girls finding each other across the country
    soul sisters
    maybe something more?
    but that doesn’t matter anymore since I’m wiped clean from your consciousness

  • Enemies
    What does that even mean, really?
    Every enemy I have now used to be the closest to my heart
    I could tell you about Evelin
    Evilin, is how I think of her now
    She was there for me until I needed her most
    Then slithered under a rock and never resurfaced

  • I love being on the bus
    I’ll go on when I have nowhere to go but away, just to see people
    No, I don’t go to see people
    I go to see their stories, and I go to be a part of them
    All over the city, maybe the world
    These people carry me in a back corner of their minds
    And I know I exist

  • Staring into the smudged bathroom mirror, I feel a wave of shock pass over me- instead of the usual dreary face staring back at me, this girl looked alive, feral, like somebody who’d seen things. She had my features, but it was as though somebody else was looking out through my eyes. I stepped out with a new stride, determined to become her.

  • Lies, twisting around me, spinning off my tongue. Perfect at the time, but unraveled by just the right question, just the thing that trips me up, reveals my fabrication, humiliates yet frees me. Why, why do I lie?

  • They try to chip away at the wall between us
    Futiley tugging at the bricks

    I won’t tear it down, though
    I know they don’t actually care

    It’s nice to pretend sometimes

  • Beware, they said
    Beware the girl with the devil’s eyes and cloud-soft hair
    You’ll want her
    She’ll need you
    You’ll love her
    She’ll leave you

  • Hot air blasts my face the minute I step out of the house. I pause, consider turning back, then realize I have no options other than going through the scorching, lonely desert. Now.

  • When I was a child, my brother lulled me to sleep with tales of a long-ago, half familiar land, and I sunk into dreams where I was both princess and knight. Those years of imagination and wonder are long past, and I only wish I were able to slip back into my old role as heroine.

  • Looking back, I saw she had fallen behind, and ran to grab her, yanking her along behind me, through the thorny bushes, branches whipping our hair- the terrain ahead was rugged, harsh, and our only hope

  • I watch, hand in hand with her as the house goes up in flames. As the ancient structure collapses in on itself, she says nothing, only squeezes my hand tighter. Hours later, after the last spark dies out, she finally speaks- “Now, our life starts”

  • Sentenced
    Whether it’s for long or short
    Remember there’s always an end